Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Just wondering....

How does it feel to be lied to, when you know that it's so obviously a lie (because you stupidly announced it to the whole world and decided to just tell a lie about it later)?

What does that mean? Does that mean that I (or the other person), is not worth the truth that you have to tell? or does that mean that you don't treat me (or the other person) as a real friend?

It really irks me to no end, especially when you spend a lot of your time with me (or us, for that matter), and yet you give mixed signals. I am getting increasingly annoyed. Why? Because it seems you have no independence despite your age, because you don't seem to have matured at all, because it's just plain annoying.

Of course, it could be because you want to surprise the other person, but I think it's done in poor taste, because you know what you announced can be read by anyone in your social circle, and that includes the other person.

Oh it is a chore, it is. To keep on going about in metaphors, and trying to get you to understand that you have to be more independent, to hint to you the steps you have to take because I can't tell it to you straight to your face due to certain restrictions. It is starting to reach a point where I can only take so much. The other person always defends you, and ask why I get worked up over trivial matters, and you wana know why? It's because of things like this. It's because you treat everything so lightly (except ONE of course), and it's because you don't have that sense of responsibility, or independence, that while I worry for you, I can't help but wonder why it is so.

I am trying my best, truly I am, but when you do not want to listen to reason, and to the people around you, there is nothing else for me to do except flail my arms up in the air and exclaim "oh vey!!!" Seriously, I really dunno how that person tolerates you. I think that person deserves a medal for every single time that person puts up with your ...... (the only word I can think of right now is not really a good word, so...ya).

Gah why do I bother? It seems that you are perfectly happy to be that way.

It was supposed to be a reflective post, but ended up being a rant :/ The other person is not bothered by it, so it's really a wonder to me why I am. So I should really stop here.

Oh and to clarify things, it's not the usual suspect, so if you think it's you, it most probably isn't. Or is it?? :p

PS: updates - went for a Dogathon last Sunday, and spent the Saturday weekend at FFF!!! watched alot of interesting films on human rights and social issues, and will blog about that when I have the time :) That post is worthy of a full length feature, not something to hitch on from other posts.

Also, sd is graduating this Saturday, so it's finally welcome to the working world (tho he has already been working for a few months)!! 

Priorities need to be put into place, and thoughts have to be straightened out.

Oh and I won two free invites to the premier screening of Real Steel from Churp Churp happening this Saturday, and Yew will be my Plus One. Thought of asking sd to come with me cos he so kindly invited me for the Dream House screening, but his parents are in town that day, so no movies with him :p

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