Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dream House Movie Screening

So I'm thinking I should write something about the movie :D

Last night, I got to catch the movie screening of Dream House, courtesy of nuffnang and sd :D Well, actually sd won the tickets from nuffnang and he asked me to go with him :)

I'm not a really good critic of movies as I have never really wrote a review of any movie, so bear with me while I think of witty comments and innuendoes to spice my post up :p

The story is about this man (Will Attenton - played by Daniel Craig) who quit his job at a publishing company to move his family out to the suburbs so he can spend more time with them. They move in to this quaint house, and soon, his kids start seeing faces in the window, there are cult kids in his basement, etc. He investigates, and he realises that the previous family who lived there was brutally murdered, and many people thinks that the father did it.

Verdict? I think it was pretty well done. Though there were quite a few who would think otherwise, I would say that if you went in anticipating a horror movie, you'll be sorely disappointed, cos it's totally not a horror movie. I enjoyed the movie cos it was more a psychological thriller thingy, and not too many scary parts thrown in. Though I think sd's shoulder must have been tired of me cos I was hiding there :p haha

However, honestly, if I had to choose between Contagion and Dream House, I would say Contagion any time :) sd would beg to differ....cos he fell asleep during Contagion -.-"

The only bone I have to pick with the movie is that there's no clear motive from the actual killer. I mean, why go to all that trouble? Money issues? or that his wife has found someone new? I think that's the only part that has to be explained in more detail :p

It's gonna come out 30th September, so go see it :)

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