Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brendan Kuek

Today in History: My adorable baby nephew came into this world with much fan fare and excitement :)

Sis was admitted into the hospital earlier this afternoon, and the two aunts over in the peninsula (Choulyew and I) waited with much anticipation and bated breath for the good news to come.

And come it did :) my sis gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 7:41 pm

The glowing mother and her baby boy :)

 All heaven broke loose when the two aunties received the good news :) There was an over supply of happy feelings and squeals, so much so that it bordered on insanity @_@

I think sd and rt were a little overwhelmed by the overflow of happy squeals and high pitched giggles, but they were good sports :)


He is so adorable, I can sit and look at him the whole day :) Oh, and when he smiles, he has dimples :)

You can read Choulyew's more excited entry here :p

P/S: did you manage to count the number of smiley faces I have in this entry alone???

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