Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Bloggers Gathering @ CCS

Last Saturday, had the pleasure of attending a bloggers meet at Coffee Chemistry Signature, in First Subang Mall :) Incidentally, First Subang also happens to be my client's development (a fact which I realised only AFTER the event, cos I was wondering why there were so many banners and posters from my client >.< abit slow la, I know, but at least I realised it bah)

Anyways, it was my first ever gathering, so was actually apprehensive, not too sure who I will be meeting, and wondering if I will manage to get to know more people :p turns out I was just being a worrywart, cos I had fun!!! :D

So anyway, pictures tell a thousand words, so picture time :)

We had three  set meals prepared specially for us :)

Clockwise from Top Left: Black Forest Cake slice ordered by Yeong Boon, Set B Baked Chicken Chop with Homemade Mushroom Sauce, Set A Homemade Thai Spicy Assam Fish Pasta, Set C Angus Beef Steak with In-House Signature Sauce.

I had Set B, and the mushroom sauce was heavenly. It didn't have the usual mushroom sauce taste, hence I could dip my chicken chop in the sauce quite a bit and not feel nauseous from having too much :p the chicken was tender, and didn't have the frozen chicken taste :p Oh it comes with fresh fruit juices, and I had watermelon juice :D awesome stuff
Bloggers all hard at work, with their big DSLRs to their compact cameras and handphone cams :p all taking pictures of the food the moment it arrives

Clockwise from top: LiChuen, Hui Min (Ben's gf), Ben, Henry

Second group pic session :p

Me and Graffeo Coffee :D 

Had a chat with Johnson and Ryan (the owners of CCS) regarding Graffeo Coffee, and apparently the quality surpasses even Illy itself. I had a cuppa Mocha to taste, and was pleasantly surprised :) It's good for a homegrown coffee place :) I would even say it can rival other Coffee franchises out there :p

 Third group pic :p yep, bloggers are a camwhoring lot >.<
Back row: me, Thristhan, Henry, LiChuen, Nana
Front row: Yew, JQ, Jayren, Elwyn

 Some of the bloggers that day. We have Nana, Elwyn, Isaac, Ben, Yew, Jayren, and Hui Min (don't think she's a blogger though :/)

The various types of drinks on offer. We have, of course, Graffeo Coffee (dark roasted for full flavour), Alcoholic beverages, and Dilmah Tea for the less caffeine inclined (though I think tea contains more caffeine than coffee). The middle christmas deco is to spice up the pic with some red :p

My Mocha Latte with coffee art :D Top right pic shows my mocha before the creamy milk is poured in. Bottom right is Jayren's Latte :D Overall, the coffee is smooth, rich in texture, and not too sweet, yet not too bitter. Just nice for an afternoon curled up with a book :)

 Henry prepared a signature card for us bloggers to sign to pass over to the owners of CCS, so here's a pic of some of the bloggers decorating the 'card'. If you look closer, you can see Ben's deformed star >.< The fella in the cap is Johnson, the owner of CCS

the Red Velvet, dearest's fav cake, or so he tells me :p

So if you're craving for a place with coffee, head over to:

Coffee Chemistry Signature

First Subang Mall, SS15 Subang Jaya

Operation hours : Mon-Sun (10am-11pm or late)

For reservations, contact 

coffeechemistrycafe [at] gmail [dot] com OR 012-204 9325


Charmaine Pua said...

Yay! It was so much fun! ^_^ Missed you guys already!

Henry Lee said...

maybe someday we all should organize a barista workshop at CCS :D

choulyin.tan said...

Li Ping
we miss you too!!! lol there will be other meet ups :D

That would be great! So will leave to you to organise ya XD

Unknown said...

Oh..nice to meet you too Choulyin! ^^

Unknown said...

hope there will be more to come! haha! See ya next time!