Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year End Reflections

With only one more day left to the year 2011, it's that time again to reflect on what was, is, and will be :) and I was just looking back at my 2010 post and realised that I said the exact same thing -.-" Shows my personality didn't undergo any major change >.<"

Looking back, the year 2011 has brought quite a few milestones for me..

Early in 2011, I was elected into the Malaysian Lasallian Youth Commission, which brought a term of two years. However, due to a new rolling system implemented this year, boy and I will only be holding one year each, after which we will pass on the flame to other FT members.

I voted for the first time ever, in the Sarawak State Elections! Purposely bought tickets and flew back home to my beloved Kuching just for that. I personally feel that if you want change in your own Country, you have to do your part. There is no point lamenting about the current government if you do not get up off your butt and try to do something about it.

It was also a year chock-full of Musicals!!! I managed to catch Lat the Musical, Dreamgirls, Magical Musicals, Aladdin the Musical, We R Malaysia: There is Hope and the last Malaysian Girls: How Ugly Can It Get? I loved every single one I went to :) no doubt some could be done better, but you have to commend the effort that they have put in :)

It was also a year I went travelling. To Singapore. With colleagues :) and I visited Universal Studios Singapore!!! Not a bad experience, considering I didn't have to fork up a cent, as my boss was kind enough to sponsor all of us the entrance tickets. Didn't get to go on most of the rides because the queue was damn freaking long!!! Oh and I should mention that I stayed at Marina Bay Sands, and got on to the Skybar FOC? XD

2011 was also the year I ran my very first marathon. :) The idea formulated in January 2011, and you can read about my story here *click*

That's me and boy with our medals XD

Finished the 10km run with a time of 1:46:01. I got a finishers medal,and I qualify for a cert! :)

2011 was the year SRYY came into being. It was the year we had our mamak sessions, chatting over indomee, or just enjoying each other's company while each of us plays with our smartphones and tweet each other over the countertop.

There were road trips, movie sessions, and time just spent hanging out with each other, enjoying the moment. I remember one time we went to play Lanterns at Taman Jaya (which was something I wanted to blog about but became too lazy), then the time we went to Pangkor and couldn't find anything to eat for lunch cos everywhere was closed @_@" That was a real moment.

See all the cool faces with our sunnies XD

Then we bought our magnetic bookmarks (from MAD) and purposely went on a shooting spree just to get the pictures for our bookmarks :D

These are my colleagues at Tammy's surprise birthday party, going cuckoo :D Tammy's the little girl third from left.

Not forgetting the other fun times I had with my friends and colleagues, going for shabu shabu and minum sessions XD

 the Lasallians after a very FULL round of shabu shabu in Puchong

Jalan-jalan in Ipoh :)

And in September, my beautiful baby nephew was born :) *click*

See how adorable he is?? I had to limit my pictures to only three of him.

He looks like he wants to box someone here >.< (That's mummy and daddy btw)

Sticking his tongue out at the right moment #likeaboss

In the later part of this year, selected Lasallian FT members (codenamed: Organising Team, aka OTs) were selected for the ultimate Lasallian Youth Programme, the 21st National Lasallian Leaders' Convention.

It is a time where 18 Lasallian schools from all over Malaysia and Singapore gather for a five-day leadership programme, learn about social realities, themselves, the choices they make, and how these affect others. This year was more special to me, as I was selected as one of the co-chairs of the convention together with Pui Yi and Tsu Chong (aka Oyster Chan), basically to see it through until the end.

That's me acting all chairperson-ish..going through 'paper'work on the lappie

Being involved in this for close to 8 years, it was a privilege for me, because I get to deal with so many special individuals, and I get to meet so many interesting personas.

Candid moments with some of my OTs

It also gave me an avenue to release the pent-up frustrations at work, and to feel the positivity once again, something I experience little in the ordinary working world. It amazes me how there are still people who will still willingly come back to the Lasallian process, and give their all. Then I realise I'm one of those people too. *perasan*

Moving on.....
I started blogging since 2006, but never really got into the active blogging scene until this year. I started this blog as something for me to chronicle my life (hence the title Circle of Life), and more as my personal blog for other friends of mine who are not with me to read, and to catch up on my life. Now, this still is very much a personal blog, albeit with more events and updates XD

 Jayren, Yew, LiPing

 Kelvin, Jayren, Henry, Jiayeen

Being a more active blogger actually opened my eyes up to a lot of new things, and new faces. I see people I never thought I would meet, and I chat with people (in real life) whom I have only spoke with on twitter. It expanded my social circle, and widened my horizons (I feel like I'm repeating myself -.-"). I get invites to movie screenings, food reviews, musicals, etc. but of course, not without effort :)

with the Bloggers at Another Bloggers Gathering

Of course, being new to the blogging scene, there are many things I still have to take into account, and sometimes I might need to walk on eggshells around some people I don't really know well, but I guess that's part and parcel of life, ain't it? Either way, I love them to bits, and am grateful for the way they befriended me so easily and brought me in to their little circle.

Going crazy at the Beer Factory >.<

The fourth quarter of this year brought about one major change in my life.

I met my handsome bb <3

Our first picture together :)

 It wasn't so much a romantic love story as most would like to believe >.< It was actually pretty straightforward, and I do wish there was a little bit more courtship involved *hint hint* :p

Courtesy of Jayren :)

I used to have this list of what my future significant other would have, and looking at that list and comparing it to him, I realised that having that list is just that. It's just a list. It doesn't matter whether or not he has ten of the eleven listed criterias (actually I never really counted how many ticks there should be), or if he has only three. What's most important is the way he treats you, and the importance he places on you.

The day he decided he will fully utilise his nerdy specs :p

I guess when you find someone, you look past their faults, and do not keep score of the times he has wronged you (don't worry, he hasn't yet :p). Instead you are constantly reminded of what attracted you in the first place. His eyes, the dimple, the sense of humour, the energy, etc. :D

Taken at a friend's wedding a few days ago. He gave me flowers <3

Overall looking back, it has been a good 2011, balanced with good and bad stuff, trying moments and blessings in disguise.

So as we usher in 2012, I have only one question left:

How has your 2011 been?

P/S: pictures are all either from self, or sourced from elsewhere :)


michleong said...

Congrats you two! :D

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Niceeeee =DDD

toninkush said...

Wow, that's many musicals you went to. I wonder if they're any good?

Ah, finally your relationship with the monyek is clarified!


Qi Wen said...

Stay forever sweet with Henry! 2011 is the year I went for marathon as well :D

mrronnieteo said...

Yin, I miss you so much!! We used to do half those things together in Kuching. good times kan :') Rindu rindu @_@

Hilda Milda™ said...

Woot congrats and stay sweet with Henry! :D Hope to see you around some day (:

Ken Wooi said...

hello. enjoyed reading this. :)

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aww! congratz to both of u!! so happy for u! :)

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yups, LOTS of musicals :) Most of them were good, except for two or three of them

haha the monyek has approved the post, sumore added his own 'handsome' word XD

Qi Wen
Really? i'm gonna join the 2012 Standard Chartered marathon as well! you?

yea..miss those times :) Come KL!

thanks! We were supposed to go for Sarawak Laksa!! lol

thanks Ken!

Xue Ren
thanks Xue Ren! :) I enjoyed posting this too