Friday, December 30, 2011

Lim Kok Wing: Creativity in Motion

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to be invited to a Fashion Show organised by Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology at Publika in Solaris Dutamas.

The Fashion Show was to congratulate their graduating class of Fashion and Retail Design students. The term's 18 designers showed off collections drawing from different types of inspiration, such as Arabic Abayas and Japanese Samurais amongst others.

The event started on a high note as we were entertained by Reena with her rendition of Louder, followed by Zazrina who sang Mr. Know-It-All.

The hosts of the night were quite funny and they managed to keep the ball rolling with their many antics and funny quotes. One of the hosts, Jonah Sithole, actually sang a pretty good version of Magic for us.

This was a scorpion and cheetah

 There were two parts to the show, one of which was a Wild hair show, where designers will make up a hairdo for their models with a theme of "In The Wild".

 Polar bear!

Some of the hairdos were not bad, and some are quite funny. BUT the effort that they have put in for the hairdo really shone through.

The hosts (I forgot the girl's name)

After each show, the designers were all called on stage to give them the credit the rightfully deserve, after all the hard work they've put in :)

This was a spiderweb inspired concept. Really liked it :D

The fashion show that followed after that was quite good :) There were lots of good designs, but unfortunately my camera couldn't capture all that because it's a cameraphone :( I need a real camera!!!!!

Oh and there was one LKW student who sang Moves Like Jagger. Didn't really like it, and I think he kinda killed the song a little :( He has a good voice, but the approach he took to the song wasn't very good :(

Many awards were given out that night, in order:

Most Innovative Designer: Shakirah Idora Bt. Jangir
Most Creative Collection: Gabrielle Ashley Boudville, Yeap Shu Wen
Most Creative in Conceptualisation: Violinawaty Nurmatias
Most Creative in Textiles: Niloofar Faghihi

And the night ended with the famous Christmas jingle, All I want for Christmas!!

I must say, it was a very good effort on LKW's part as the event was pretty well done. Minor hiccups here and there, like the super annoying cameraman who kept entering my line of vision, and perhaps the Moves Like Jagger part.

But overall, I'm glad I managed to go for this fashion show, and it was all thanks to bb :)


Henry Lee said...

I think Ronnie was quite cute, though he doesn't sound really good for the song Moves Like Jagger but he has a good attitude in his performance unlike Farhan who syok sendiri while singing. I really like the hair show especially the fox and the polar bear on the model's head! :)

choulyin.tan said...

yup...the song didn't really suit him la..he could have picked a different song >.<

Notice I didn't even mention Farhan :p lol