Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: UFO Desserts

There have been a spate of dessert houses and bubble tea shops mushrooming up around KL recently..

A few weeks ago I got invited to a food review at UFO Desserts & Drinks, ss2. UFO Desserts’ signature desserts include the UFO Classic, UFO Lemon Ai-Yu, Ocha Ocha and Matcha Special. They serve many special and interesting bubble teas and desserts, some of which looks familiar to Snowflake and Chatime.

They have this special ufo like thingy that most probably lends its name to the name of the store.

 Cheese Hot Dog (RM5.00) Tried a little bit of this, and it's good!

Chicken Fillet (RM6.00) Didn't try this, but Isaac seems to love it :)

They also serve Calamari Rings (RM6.50) but I didn't manage to take a picture of it

Their dessert concept is the same as Snowflake's, with a base as well as toppings. For the base, they have grass jelly, QQ balls, soya ice and matcha ice. For toppings, they have a variety of ranges, from peanuts, aloe vera, crystal pearl, yogurt popping balls, pearl, and more.

The selling price for these deserts start from RM4.50 (for 1 topping) to RM6.00 ( 3 toppings)


Those milky white balls are called yoghurt popping balls, something which is very new, and not available elsewhere, I think. I love it, cos when I bit into it, the was a little burst of taste in your mouth, sourish, and yet sweet at the same time. If I were to come back to UFO, this will be the first things I order :D

This one caught my eye cos the grass jelly looks funny :/

bb and I got the drinks instead as I didn't feel like having a large bowl of desserts and he was still full from his previous review.  These are UFO's Milk Tea series, with a price range starting from RM3.00 From left: WinterMelon and Grass Jelly, and on the right, their signature Milk Tea.

I felt the WinterMelon was not bad, but bb didn't like it :/

The store had an open concept, with glass walls and an open door. The tables were spaced apart, and it gave off a very roomy feel, which is something that I like. There was no overcrowding like in some other shops, and there was a lot of room to move about.

 Their wide range of toppings, and price chart

So if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and are around the vicinity of ss2, do give UFO a try. Who knows, you just might be pleasantly surprised :)

UFO Desserts & Drinks, ss2
No 86, Jalan SS2/60,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Same row with CIMB Bank and Wings Musicafe, opposite the Indomee hawker centre)

Business Hour : Sun - Thurs: 1pm- 1am
Fri & Sat : 1pm - 2am
Tel : 03-78758686
FB : UFO Desserts


FiSh said...

not bad :) it seems to be cheaper than snowflakes!


Nikel Khor said...

Like their mini balls...

Choulyew said...

bb = blackberry? hehehehe

choulyin.tan said...

yup it is :) and they have pretty special drinks too

yup, that's one of the things i like about UFO too! :)


Henry Lee said...

who's bb? wahahaha... i was full with their snacks also! :P The wintermelon not as nice as Gongcha... sekali u cuba, hari2 mau! :P

Koh Kian Fai said...

UFO . . . I went there before, outside only! hahah business will be good since the price is more reasonable and right next to cyber cafe

choulyin.tan said...

if you still need to ask who is bb i think i might need to kick you :p haha wait let me try Gongcha's wintermelon, then i will let you know if it's better ok?

Kian Fai
the business not bad..was there till evening, and got quite a lot of customers :) even late night also still have some people