Monday, January 30, 2012

CNY Series 1: Brendan Kuek :)

This CNY sad to say, has been a little boring for me :p I know, with two weeks to kill in Kuching, it’s actually a good opportunity for me to relax, and resettle my mind and take a look at my priorities. I’ve done all the above, and still have time to kill :p

Look at his adorable smile :)

Aunty Yew Yew giving him his ang pau, and he almost put it into his mouth :p

One bright spot of the CNY was that I got to meet my beloved nephew for the first time!!!!! And you know what, he’s just a delightful baby, no mess (except maybe some drool here and there, but that’s expected la), and no cries!!!!! Such a good boy :)

Drinking up his milk like the good boy that he is :)

He's five months old, but he has grown so fast  since September!!! you can see pictures of when he's just born here *click*

curious face wanting to explore everything

"Is it play time yet?"

"Oh mummy is making milk!!!! I'm hungry!!!"

Ever since he was born, this is the first time I’ve met him, and he takes to us so easily!!! :p Oh and he likes Baby Hippo :D

biting on Baby Hippo's ear :p he thinks it's food 

Baby Hippo kiss kiss :D

"Hi Baby Hippo, I'm Brendan!!! How do you do?"

"Awww you will fit in here just nice with me :)"

He absolutely adores his grandpa, and whenever he sees my daddy, his face lights up, and he makes these little cute noises only babies can make and get away with

Being a baby, he’s naturally inquisitive about everything that’s going on around him, and he would be looking around with those big round eyes of his.

I leave you with a close up of him drinking his milk..see those long eyelashes of his, he inherited that from me!!! :D


Charmaine Pua said...

Happy CNY!!
I love obedient kids hahaha noisy, crying and merajuk is a no-no to me LOL!

Unknown said...

yor!!! SHOOO CUTE LAAA THE BABY!!!!! >.< His eyes open so wide when he sees his grandpa~! hahahah! *cubit*

toninkush said...

awwww babies... an expensive toy

Henry Tan said...

haha! baby really likes to put everything in mouth!

Simple Person said...

well it is good to relax a bit n spend some time with the kid n family...

choulyin.tan said...

ya I love obedient kids too!! feel like wana kill those that keep on crying and just won't stop

yaya he loves his grandpa :)

ya...lucky I dun have one at this point in time :p

ya..maybe cos they think everything is food :p

Simple Person
ya...two weeks of relaxation :)

HouHouSek said...

ahhh cute baby!

Choulyew said...

DON LIE! he didn't like Baby Hippo the second day! D: and u didnt mention how much he loves me!!!!

missyblurkit said...

such gorgeous eyes! bet he will be a potential heartbreaker with those smiley looks and electrifying eyes.

Jobless Girl said...

Cute baby..