Tuesday, January 31, 2012

CNY Series 2: Celebrating with the Bloggers, Kuching Style

On the fifth day of CNY, some Kuching bloggers decided to meet up and go crash each other's houses just for the fun of it :D

We started off at Sherrie's place, before heading out to lunch at Life Cafe, thereafter going to Jun Fook's house, Daniel's pad, and lastly, my crib. We didn't have enough time to visit Jian's house, but there's always next year :D

I think the happiest of our convoy was Baby Hippo :p he was given so much attention, I'm pretty sure he was unsure how to react :p

  Baby Hippo deciding what to eat from the menu at Life

Being a celebrity, posing for Jian and Sherrie :D

 posing with Daniel

 Taiwan spicy noodles with seaweed soup

This is a video of Jian dancing with Baby Hippo, I love it when Hippo waves :D

at jfook's place, loving the kueh sepit and sesame rolls :D

Setelah makan banyak, mesti ber-exercise :D

 with friends :)

 Daniel has a currency note and coins collection, and he showed it to us when we were at his place

Look!!! Sarawak had their own currency at one point :p So if you were to go to Sarawak during the Brooke era, you would have to look for a money changer to change to Sarawak currency :p

I realise that this is a post mostly centred on Hippo :p haha you can tell how much I love him ^^

Til my next post, tata!


Cutebun said...

Cutest Hippo ever!!! Yes! Visitors must to money changer and change to Sarawak Currency when visiting!
Cutebun blog
Cutebun FB page

Koh Kian Fai said...

what . . . I am jealous of the Hippo now LOL

toninkush said...

bila ko pulang ke monyek? lol

choulyin.tan said...

yup :D even cuter than marc_ky's? :p

Kian Fai
haha why jealous?

Hari ini :D

Xue Ren said...

i want the sarawak money! =P

Anne Lee said...

bainian with the bloggers. that's cool.

Jobless Girl said...

First time saw 10 cents in note not in coin.