Monday, January 02, 2012

Hello 2012 :)

As is the case with every new year, it is time again to sit down and look back on whether I have fulfilled my resolutions in 2011, and to create new ones for 2012.

Way back in 2011, the below are what I have set out to achieve in 2011:

1. Once again, putting my priorities in line. I think this is a little too vague, as my priorities change with time. I should be decidedly more specific in the future. On a whole, I think this warrants a 50/50
2. Doing better than I am currently, at work. I just recently got promoted before the end of the year, so I would say, achieved :)
3. Personal KPI, someone over the horizon? Found my bb <3 although for the record, he found me first >.<
4. Be that leaning shoulder for my loved ones, be their pillar of strength. Perhaps another 50/50. Sometimes being there, and sometimes not. In light of recent events in the first two days of 2012, I think I have failed this terribly. :(
5. Manage my EQ better. Less angry, and less tears shed. Perhaps a 60/40 success

So how about 2012? What will I set out to do this year? Let's put it in purple this year, cos it's your favourite colour :)

1. Specifically speaking, priorities in terms of work, LS activities, and personal life. Please learn how to manage it, or so help me, I will kick myself in the foot
2. Try to understand and grow to be a more mature person than I am now. Personally going through some struggles at the moment, but I really hope that I can put all this behind me asap
3. My bb :)
4. Have the courage to start to get moving if conditions do not favour me anymore

A Letter to Yourself
At the start of every year, I have this habit of writing a letter to myself. and at the end of every year, I will read again what I have written for myself at the start. Sad to say, the start of 2011 was rather hectic and I put off writing my letter. On hindsight, how I wished I have written it, to see how much I myself have grown, and how I have been childish in certain situations.

So for you reflective people out there, if you really want to see how much you've grown and how much you've let people shape your life, do write one to yourself, and be amazed/ surprised at the end of the year. I promise you, 100% you will learn from it.


Happy 2012 everyone :)


Henry Lee said...

success kid.jpg for u! xD

choulyin.tan said...

thanks bb :) <3

Choulyew said...

:) good luck for 2012

choulyin.tan said...

thanks :) hope you have a better 2012 as well :)

FBS Headmaster said...

Happy New Year 2012 and all the best to you!

Hilda Milda™ said...

All the best in accomplishing the resolutions (: Happy New Year, babe!

Choulyee said...

Happy New Year!! The letter writing thing seems a good idea.. I should have a new year's resolution abt procrastination.. hmm.. maybe I'll write it later.. lol :P

choulyin.tan said...

thanks and Happy New Year to you too!!! :) hope you can accomplish yours too

ya, I learnt alot from the letters since I started it in 2006. Just that last year I didn't manage to write one :( dun procrastinate!!! :D