Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Milo Tin's new heart

8th January 2012 marks the day my car died and was resurrected again.

My trusty little Milo Tin had a heart attack :(

Milo Tin having jumpstart cables inserted into his heart to give it a jolt
It was working all fine in the morning when I woke up and drove him to bb's house, but when I wanted to start him up again, he had heart failure. This is the first time something of the sort has ever happened to me so naturally I started panicking. Flat tyres I have encountered before, and heck I have changed tyres on bigger cars than my little Viva. Twice. I even wrote a post about it *click here

Futuristic Milo Tin with the front AND back open

So anyways, I got all panicky and stuff as I was supposed to meet my elder sister in the afternoon. Called bb and he came out of the house like some tai kor -.-" After a few tries he told me, "oh the battery problem" :p lol, I kinda knew that already >.<

So to tackle this 'battery problem', we walked to Chow Yang to find the mechanic there, but the mechanic shop was closed!! T.T then he said, nvm eat lunch first. I was like, for real?!? I was already having a heart attack myself cos if we couldn't find a mechanic today I would have to take emergency leave tomorrow just to settle my car problem.

But thank goodness we managed to find a mechanic (actually it was a tyre shop) that was still open even after lunch because apparently for these few weeks they will open on Sundays until CNY (which is just a few weeks away yay!)

After jumpstarting Milo (it took a few tries but we managed to revive him for a while), we drove him straight to the shop where they proceeded to operate on him.

Milo's new heart. It was pretty expensive as it was the no-maintenance type of battery. Well, we have a one year warranty, so let's see how it fares :)

The doctor doing his best to rescue my Milo

Doing some last groundwork. bb says this is to charge the new battery.

After which, Milo Tin was resurrected, and working like brand new again!!! *claps*

So to give him a treat, we decided to give him a bubble bath cos I had neglected bathing him in months maybe that's why he decided to die? :p So we drove him to the tukang cuci at Esso and he was given the VIP treatment :)

The front

The back (can you see my little space cow?)

The side with the scary car wash fella

I am ashamed to say this, but yes my beloved Milo Tin, I have neglected you...your bubble soap looks black when they were washing it off :'(

Look at the fellas all doting on him :D

So now Milo Tin is clean again!! and this is my first SS moment in him with little hippo :D

A cute moment of little hippo's first excursion out to the mall with us :D

btw, if you're wondering why my Viva is called Milo Tin, it was a name given by my sister cos according to her, when you slam the car door, it sounds like you're closing a Milo Tin :/


Cutebun said...

LOL. Milo tin!

Unknown said...

eh..ur car not considered milo tin la..too much plastic in our locally made cars..barbie doll house can la.. XD haha

this incident reminds me of mine with henry n benjamin present at that time..haha

Peeciella said...

haha milo tin xD not really la. when you named it milo tin, it sounds empty and useless D: haih anyways i think i saw this hippo in your boyfie blog :o i have a pink one! :D

Henry Lee said...

haha... i will send my car over for a wash also since they did a good job and it's only rm9! haha...

SiMon Har said...

take good care of her and pamper her and she will be fine :)

choulyin.tan said...

ya..Yew gave her that name :p

my car very manly one ok...cannot call Barbie Doll house :p what happened to your car? no battery also ah?

not really la...Milo Tin after the milo finish you can still use to put lotsa other stuff ma :) very useful XD and ya, that was the day we brought hippo to Krispy Kreme ^^

our car can double date! lol

my car is a male leh...haha but I agree, we must love and pamper our cars :D

FBS Headmaster said...

I know a guy friend who has the same hippo as you xD

and he called it 'popo' or 'bobo' or something, hahahhaa

choulyin.tan said...

In the office he's known as Leonardo :p but he's just plain 'baby hippo' at home :D

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. Brand new car?

choulyin.tan said...

haha no la...same old car :) but cleaner and with a new heart ^^