Monday, March 05, 2012

Song #1: From My Childhood

I received an email a few weeks ago regarding a meme that chronicles the Top 25 songs of my life, according to different segments. Initially didn't want to do it, but after taking into consideration a few factors, I thought, why not, if only just to let you guys into a little bit of my life :p

So the first song is: From My Childhood

After giving it much thought, I settled on this song: Stoney, by Lobo.

I remember when we were young and my parents still had the Nissan March with the old school cassette player. My dad had this grey colour country songs cassette that he would always love to play, and they had hits like "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" and "Country Road". I remembered this song the most, though for the life of me, I don't remember why :p When he was ferrying us from home to the swimming pool, or back home from school, this cassette would be playing, and we would always sing along to it. Now, I wonder where that cassette tape is..I would love to listen to it again :)

Oh and by the by, I wouldn't be providing any download links for any of the 25 songs that I will feature, just Youtube videos of them :D You can find the lyrics below too. Enjoy! :)

I've noticed since we both were kids
I recall the silly things we did
She would want to ride upon my back
To keep from stepping on a crack

I didn't think of it back then
But even when she did not win
She was happy just to play
Stoney liked to live out every day

Stoney, happy all the time
Stoney, liked the summertime
The joy you find in living every day
Stoney, how I love your simple ways

The times when no one understood life
Seems that Stoney always would
We'd walk for hours in the sand
She would always try and hold my hand


No, I don't recollect the time
I fell in love with this old friend of mine
Or when I first saw in her eyes
What she tried so not to hide

[Chorus x3]


Unknown said...

<3 BABE!!!! welcome back.. I love oldies too~ feel so good after listening it...^^

choulyin.tan said...

haha thanks dear :D I like listening to them too!! it's so much nicer than the songs you normally hear on the radio these days :p

missyblurkit said...

lyrics were more meaningful then.

Cutebun said...

Ahh nostalgic!

choulyin.tan said...

yup they are :) songs nowadays are all about sex and dancing, they have lost the lustre they once had :/

Choulyee said...

I'm sure you'll find the 'treasure' under some secret stash somewhere.. lol ^^

choulyin.tan said...

haha maybe in the store room upstairs! :p