Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Taipao!!

Incidental to my post on Earth Hour 2012, it was also the day one of our dear blogger became a year older! Because we are so awesome, we decided to celebrate his birthday with him in none other than one of our fav hangouts, Yippee Cup :)

The cake we got from Bread Story, chocolate cake with chocolate and walnut filling. KF wanted to get him a strawberry cake but got overruled by bb and I >.< on hindsight, we should have gotten that, so it could fit in with Ben's baju :p

The birthday boy posing with his cake, ready to cut it up and munch on it..

Making a desperate wish come true?

Blowing out the candles, all in one go!!

Eagerly cutting the cake, and slicing it into pieces...

aiya....no need cut lah..just devour the entire cake :p

KF jealous in seeing Ben get all the cake, so he wants to have a share in it too!!

Group pic with all those present :)
(L-R) Ernest, Eric, Caroline, Ben, Kian Fai, me
Standing photographer: bb (aka Henry Lee)

 Testing out the sharpness and clarity of bb's Canon G9

bb brought his silly specs, and everyone wanted to have a try :) 

Cutesy Caroline <3

Birthday boy

and here's the two of us, featuring Bro Ernest in the background :p

Happy 24th Birthday Benjamin Foo Sik Vai!!!!! :D

At the end of the day, we all got trolled by Ben when he April Fooled us that his car couldn't start -.-" such a friend huh :p


Isaac Tan said...

aww, nobody called me along :(..

happy belated birthday to ben :)

choulyin.tan said...

i think you were busy la that night..thats why tak panggil you >.<

benjaminvai said...

actually i think isaac forgot. hahaha

anyway, THANKS GUY! appreciate it very very very much.

missyblurkit said...

what's with the constipated look while making your wish? epic!

Unknown said...

everyone look gorgeous that night!!! hahahq!!! xDD especially broKF!;DDD

and my baby - yin! ;PPPP
... and her bf! hahahaha!
and, carol...
last but not least, the bday boy! haha!

and and!! the mr.beard! - MR.Ernest!