Sunday, April 01, 2012

Review: QQ Snow Mix @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Thanks to the beautiful Eunice Lim I managed to go for a food review at QQ Snow Mix at Bandar Puteri, Puchong :D When it comes to dessert, who doesn't love it? We all love to quench our thirst with the refreshing pearl milk tea, sooth our throats with Grass Jelly, or Soya Ice.

Like any other dessert house, QQ Snow Mix serves Taiwanese Desserts and drinks synonymous with Snowflakes, UFO, Chatime, ZenQ, and the likes.

As there are many desserts that are similar, what I tend to look out for when going to these places are what makes a particular outlet stand out. For QQ Snow Mix, I find two of them. One is the Big Taipei, and the other is their Taro Ice :D

Their Big Taipei consist of three types of snow ice : Grass jelly ice + Taro ice + Soya ice and twelve (12) toppings such as the black pearl, soft peanuts, sweet potato, grass jelly, red & green beans, etc.. Its large bowl can easily serve 3-4 persons, with still some room to spare.

That's the Big Taipei on the left. See how huge it is in comparison with a normal bowl of Grass Jelly Ice

Their next specialty is their Taro Ice, which comes with Mango pudding, ared beans, soft peanuts, and pearl :D Truly one of a kind dessert, as this is the only place I can find Taro Ice. They really manage to keep the flavour of the taro in the ice very well, and the ice is smooth to the taste :D I would recommend this if you were to come to QQ Snow Mix :D

Le me couldn't resist posing with the Taro Ice :D

Close Up of this special dish

Next, their Ai Yu Jelly is refreshing! :D first time trying it, and the sourish sweet taste gave me a lemon boost, which I like :D Caroline taught me how to eat it, that I need to mix the jelly with the ice in order to get a smooth flavour of the soury-sweetness :D

Lemon Jade (Ai Yu Jelly)

Another special dish, the Grass Jelly Ice :P It comes with Red Bean, Taro and Potato Balls, and Black Glutinous Rice.

When I visit dessert houses, a must try for me is their hot desserts :D First of which I tried was their Tau Foo Fah. Not too sweet, just enough to taste. Quite smooth, but not as smooth as those you can get at Tau Foo Fah booths in ss2 though :/

Tau Foo Fah

Other hot desserts they serve is the Grass Jelly Soup, and Black Sesame Soup

Black Sesame Soup with Taro Balls

Grass Jelly Soup with Pearls and Taro Balls

Apart from desserts and more desserts, QQ also serves snacks!

Sweet Potato sticks

Taiwan Egg and Chicken roll

Tempuraaaaaa :p

Lastly, what Taiwanese dessert house would be complete without their signature drinks?

QQ Snow Mix serves a variety of drinks, which include the original Pearl Milk Tea, Cold Jasmine Green Tea, Mango Cold Green Tea, Passionfruit Cold Green Tea, etc..

Le bb's Mango Cold Green Tea with my Pearl Milk Tea making an appearance :D

Moving on to the ambience of the place, pretty nice and cosy for an afternoon/ evening out with friends :)

Look! they also have loyalty card programmes!!

So if you are within the Puchong vicinity and have some taiwanese desserts in mind, head over to QQ Snow Mix to satisfy that sweet tooth :)

QQ Snow Mix
48, Jalan Puteri 1/4
Bandar Puteri,
47100, Puchong ,Selangor.
Tel: 03-8052 3133

See even the Japanese Neko is welcoming you :p

PS: All pics courtesy of Henry Lee :)


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