Tuesday, April 03, 2012

St Patrick's Day 2012

Proud to say, I played my part in making it the friendliest day of the year!

A little late for this post, but what the heck aye? :p I went to Changkat during St Pat's day after a long day of work for some well deserved break with my colleagues. Earlier that day, we had went to Pajam Nilai to finish up on some hard days work, and by the time night rolled around, it was time to let down our hair and drink the night away!! :p

Let's let the pictures do the talking :D

the Guinness St. Patricks hat, amidst the backdrop of Arthurs' Lounge :)

A picture I took of Finnegan's, to entice a fellow Irish colleague who couldn't join us that night :p

Blinded? I think not! :p

 Smooth foam :D

Tammy looks tipsy already :p

Drafting out some cups :D

Belvy, Tammy and I with our cups

You could tell we were having fun fun fun!!

Doing crazy acts with the top hat on our heads :p

So enjoy a pint of Guinness everyone!! :p

Ok fine, most of the syok sendiri acts were mine >.<


Nikel Khor said...


Unknown said...

Was there as well XD

Henry Tan said...

i didnt get to go larrrr! TT

choulyin.tan said...

lol yap :p

I know!!! but din get to see you..too many people lah

Kenapa tak pergi? I almost didn't go as well, but my colleagues all bug me to pergi :p

Cutebun said...


missyblurkit said...

it was so March fun!

choulyin.tan said...

lol LOVE the play of words there!! :D