Thursday, April 05, 2012

We Not Naughty Gala Premiere @ Tropicana City Mall

Last week, I was given the privilege to go for the Gala Premiere of "We Not Naughty", a Singaporean film directed by the Director of "I Not Stupid" fame, Jack Neo. The Gala Premiere was held at the foyer area of GSC in Tropicana City Mall

bb and I got there around 8pm, and proceeded to collect our tickets before having a quick dinner with other bloggers while waiting for the gala to start. Lucky for us, we got the last row in the hall, complete with couple seats! Yay! Me love couple seats :D

After dinner, we entered the foyer area, and lo and behold, there was food! Michelle helped herself to some as previously she was so despondent over her spend of RM50 to unlock her car door :( We took some too, and the squid rings were delicious!!

Later, around 9pm, the crowd gathered near the stage in anticipation of the cast, and we were greeted by.....

A One FM DJ (of whom I forgot his name, very very sorry :p). Couldn't really understand what he was saying, as he was speaking relatively quickly in mandarin, and my mandarin skills are bad.

The Guest of Honour for the night, Miss Chloe Chen, Miss Malaysia World 2011 :) Not sure why they invited her though..perhaps for some eye candy before the main cast comes out? :p

Later on, the MC announced the cast, and the first person we saw, was Jack Neo himself! in the flesh :D I think he put on a little bit of weight :p

We were given a brief round of introductions as each cast member gave a short brief on what his role is in the movie. I was a little disappointed that there was no female cast member present. It would be great if I could see the sister or the young boy too :/

Shawn Lee, the cast member that made every girl there swoon. Eunice was jumping up and down, and kept taking his pics :p I also cajoled bb to take one for me, and he did. Even had to change his lens in order to get a better pic :D Shows how much he loves me to take a photo of other guys for me :p hehehe

A final thumbs up to everyone before the screening! :D Actually Joshua also not bad looking la :p

So, on to the movie!!! :D

Use ALL the counterfeits!! :p I like the little boy's expression here. He really knows how to act lor

Synopsis: Wei Jie and Jian Ren are best of friends in school, and they both face their share of family problems; Wei Jie has a gambling addict father and his mother who does not think highly of him always condemns him. Jian Ren comes from a well-to-do single parent family but has an estranged relationship with his mother. He becomes rebellious to spite his mother and even becomes a runner for the loansharks. They both share the talent and interest on gadgets inventions but their efforts are never recognized. CK, as their lecturer, tries to build a rapport with the boys but ends up being snubbed. His patience pays off and the boys end up seeking help from him for their family problems. CK even help the boys to create an invention for a competition. However, their invention is misused by the loansharks and in an attempt to stop that, CK, Wei Jie and Jian Rens lives are at risk.

This was a funny scene for me, as I never thought that loan sharks would resort to colour coded paint splashes for those who owed them money :p

This was a scene where the teacher had to run naked around the Poly cos he lost a competition. This teaches us a good lesson that we have to keep up our end of the bargain in any circumstance.

Verdict: 7/10. There were the usual melodramatic scenes, draggy music scores, but fortunately, it delivers a good message, with some well weighted sense of humour thrown in. Overall, the casting was done in good taste, where the general viewing audience already knew Shawn and Joshua from I Not Stupid. Granted, some parts were cheesy, and some didn't make sense, but the well-done bits far outshone them. One particular scene that moved me to tears was the scene that involved the mother and her daughter. I really cried during that scene cos I could imagine the heartbreak I myself would feel if that had happened to me.

Before the screening, I got to take a picture with Shawn thanks to bb :) He had to catch a flight and initially declined my request. But I gave him those kitty eyes and he relented :p Upon closer inspection, he looks a little like my cousin (who also happens to be one of my good looking relatives) :p

 After the screening, we came out of the cinema to Chatime heaven!!!! :D There were rows upon rows of Chatime (cos they're one of the sponsors), with three of their distinct Chatime flavours, Pearl Milk Tea, Passionfruit QQ, and Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea. bb and I grabbed our favourites, and here's me happily posing with Passionfruit QQ and Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea :D

Still don't really know what "We Not Naughty" is about? watch the trailer below to get some insight :D

We Not Naughty airs in cinemas starting today, 5th April. So waste not, hurry and go catch it today :) If you love Singaporean films, don't miss it! This will leave you in fits of laughter as well as buckets of tears (if you're the crying type) :D

Overall, a feel good movie with all the right elements involved :)

P/S: Some pictures taken from bb's blog:


Unknown said...

Hahhhaahha ! kitty eyes u ! Jealous! hng! >.< sad er. nver ajak me together....;(

jk nah! ^^

bendan said...

Aiya aiya, missed the fun and buffet somemore got photo with lengzai. Aiya aiya.. I want photo with Shawn Lee too la. *jelly*

Charmaine Pua said...

*green eyes* hahaha lucky you! Your kitty eyes worked! :D

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LOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!! SEMUAAAAAA Boleh! ahahahahhahahahahaha! sorry, really tak tahan.. have to laugh... :D

choulyin.tan said...

hehehe kitty eyes worked!! maybe it's the colour contacts also? :p

Kah Mon
haha I think I was the only one that managed to get a photo with him :D

Li Ping
yup yup my eyes were grey with those colour contacts :) and I think my bangs also made me look adorable to him? :p

of course!!!!! Drink ALL the Chatime!!!!! and take ALL the pictures!!!! :p