Friday, April 06, 2012

Review: Streetdance 2 (2012)

I've always been a fan of dance. Ever since I was young, I have been dancing for as long as I remember. Even in high school, I will always be performing during school celebrations that the teachers will always expect us to come up with a dance number for every celebration :D My dance group and I will always stay back and practice dance and suffice to say, those were one of the best times of my childhood.

Therefore, it doesn't come as a surprise that I will always try my best to watch dance movies cos I'm always so fascinated with the way these dancers can move so fluidly on stage. Needless to say, when I got screening invites from Churp2 to catch Streetdance 2, I agreed immediately!! :D Thanks ChurpChurp!!!

Synopsis: To beat the world’s best dance crew, streetdancer Ash (Falk Hentshel), with new friend Eddie (George Sampson), set off to gather the greatest streetdancers from around Europe, falling in love with beautiful salsa dancer Eva (Sofia Boutella) in Paris.

Verdict: erm...4/10? The only good scenes were the dance battles and the final dance choreography. Oh cannot forget the chilli bit, that was hilarious :p There was the usual love story inside, but really, storyline was meh....and alot of the plots didn't make sense. Enough said.

At the end of the day, catch it if you want to experience only the dance, but not the storyline.


Charmaine Pua said...

You dance?? I never thought of that!
I wanna see you dance! ^_^

Henry Lee said...

only the chili scene was good! :P oh so u think u can dance? :P

Anne Lee said...

I love dancing too.. I'm so ganna watch that movie.

choulyin.tan said...

Li Ping
yeap, I do :) haha now abit rusty oredi lo :p

bleks! I don't think I can dance, I KNOW I can dance ^^

yup go watch it for the dance, not the storyline though :/