Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Hi-Tea at Cinnamon Coffee House @ One World Hotel Petaling Jaya


A few weekends ago, I had the privilege to dine at Cinnamon Coffee House for their weekend hi-tea. Cinnamon is a dining place located on the concourse level of One World Hotel Petaling Jaya. They have over 200 offerings on the weekend hi-tea spread, making it certainly one of the widest spreads in the city.

When I walked in, I loved the ambience immediately. It gave me a feel of the place being very modern, well-kept, and cosy. I especially loved the little glass bubbles hung from the ceiling.

A playground for the kids who are more interested in playing than eating

Comfortable outdoor seatings enable for a more casual dining experience

Since coming on board approximately three months ago, the hotel's new Executive Chef Israel Lazaroo has revamped the look and feel of the entire place. There are now more varieties and live-cooking stations which enables the chefs an opportunity to interact with the guests.

One such example of a live-cooking station is the pasta counter. For me, I have always been an Aglio Olio lover. My chef enquired what I would prefer in my pasta, and he proceeded to cook according to my choice and selection of ingredients. There are a variety of pastas and sauces available and each and every one is cooked a-la-minute by the chef-in-attendance.

My choice of pasta, Aglio Olio style :) Very nice I would say

bb's pasta, creamy ravioli :)

There are other live-cooking stations such as the sandwich bar, local noodle section, Indian specialty kitchen, Japanese counter and even the dessert corner.

Next to the pasta counter is the offering of whole roast lamb. I almost squealed like a small kid when I saw this :p You can tell how much I love lamb :D Marinated with the hotel's special recipe and roasted to perfection, the chef behind the counter will slice the meat according to the portion requested.

 At the local noodle station, there is a wide variety of choices available, such as Loh See Fun, Char Kway Teow and Mee Mamak. They also have soup noodles, like Laksa Johor. Just let the chef know your choice, and he will fry it for you a la minute :)

For those who are more locally inclined, there is one other new addition, which is our nation’s favourite, the Nasi Lemak. There are two choices of rice, the normal coconut flavoured rice and coconut flavoured rice with pandan; as well as nine choices of rendang. It is indeed a lavish feast for nasi lemak lovers.


Or tuck into the home-made Otak-otak, Yong Tau Foo, steamed dim sum or variety of pau. I like how they have labels to let the customers know which station they are at. It helps blur people like me to at least know where I am at :p

There is also the porridge counter where the chefs will cook your porridge with your choice of meat such as fish, chicken, chicken liver or crab stick. There are also wonderful condiments to complement your bowl of piping hot porridge.

This sandwich bar is newly-added by Chef Israel Lazaroo and has received wonderful commendations from the guests, according to Ms. Florence, the Assistant Director of Communications. There are six types of bread offered such as bagel, croissant, foccacia with choice of tuna, chicken ham, beef bacon; and even chicken floss with all the condiments.

Apart from all these, if you are thinking of going healthy, there are salad bars where the chef will prepare the salad for you a la minute according to your specifications :) That's the infamous Caesar Salad, btw :)

Sushi sushi sushi!!! Sushi lovers will be spoilt for choice from the assortment of Sushi being displayed.

Apart from an assortment of sushi, there is also prawn or vegetable tempura to choose from.

More varieties are found at the Indian counter with a-la-minute Masala thosai and chutney freshly prepared by the chefs. Roti Jala with dhall are also available. I went for the succulent looking satay, with peanut gravy. :D Looks delicious, and the meat is tender without being raw, or too dry. Just the way I like it.

I was a little mesmerised when I walked in and saw the variety of appetisers on display. there were alot of choices to choose from, and the wide offering of cheeses made me want to come back here again.

Plates upon plates of appetisers

If you think there are already so many choices of food to choose from, think again. Once you're done with main course, the dessert menu will blow you away.

The many offerings of different types of cakes are available to satisfy every single type of craving.

The Chocolate fountain, which is one of my favourite :p Seems like I have a lot of favourites >.<

I call this the peanut cake back in Kuching. I will always look forward to this on the weekends, when my parents would being me to the Sunday market and we would buy at least three pieces just for myself. Here, if you are so inclined, you can have more then five :p

Assortment of tempting cakes

As mentioned earlier, there is also a live-cooking station for desserts where you can get the chef to prepare a-la-minute crepes suzette for you. If you are a cendol lover (like me) you can also DIY your own cendol and ice kacang. I added a dollop of durian paste to my cendol, thinking it was corn :p But I still love the flavour :D

If you do not know what this is, then it's about time you do :) This is the famous three layer tea, made popular by a little wayside coffee chop in Batu 7 in Kuching :) The three layers consist of coconut sugar, milk, and tea :)

Coming from Kuching, it's a must try for me, and you can see from my smile that it's a thumbs up! :D

The weekend hi-tea is available on every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 12 noon to 4.30 pm.

Assortment of Buns and Pastries
If you are looking to spend the weekend with your family and friends, why not treat them to hi-tea at Cinnamon Coffee House. It’s a great respite for the whole family.

Price for Saturday and Sunday:
RM63++ adult
RM32++ child

Price for Public Holiday:
RM70++ adult
RM35++ child

For reservations, please call Cinnamon Coffee House at 603 7681 1157. 


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