Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's in a Name?

Have you heard of Boost Juice Bar's What's Ya Name Game?

Well, if you haven't, it's a Game where Boost Juice Bars will be giving out free juices/ smoothies (or better known as BOOST) to those whose name is THE NAME of the day!

So who's name was THE NAME of the day today?

That's me!

Mine! :D

When YinYin told me about my name today, initially I was a little sceptical whether or not my name would be entitled to get a free BOOST, but after going through their facebook page, I noted that as long as you have the letters in your name, you are entitled to a free BOOST!

Meaning, if the name of the day is lene, and your name is Charlene, then you are entitled to a free BOOST!

 The Boost Juice Bar outlet at Publika, located opposite BIG

I got the Mango Magic, with the Original Size :)

Then I got excited and wanted to claim my free BOOST. I went to search their website, and to my pleasant surprise, the nearest BOOST outlet was just at Publika, 5 minutes drive from my office :)

So naturally, I went there after lunch, to claim my free BOOST :) I was unsure which juice I could claim, seeing as this was my first time. But the dude there was pretty helpful. Do you know, that you can pick absolutely ANY kind of juice or smoothie, in absolutely ANY size? *omg how awesome is that??*

Guess what I got?

I got the Original size Mango Magic Smoothie! it comes with Mango, Banana, Mango nectar, Vanilla Yogurt, and ice :D yummz :D Check out the RM0.00 on the receipt :p

The friendly worker at the outlet preparing my smoothie :D

Of course, one of the rules of this game is that you need to show them your IC in order to entitle yourself to the free BOOST. No cheating cheating ar :p

Le ingredients being blended into one soft and creamy smoothie :D

Enjoying my free BOOST :)

So how to know if your name is THE NAME of the day, simply tune in to  (for Klang Valley) or MY FM (for Penang), or like them on facebook :) alternatively, you can even follow them on twitter.

Do check out their website for store locations, and further details of the What's Ya Name Game :)

*le free BOOST is delicious!*


Charmaine Pua said...

Ahhhh I'm waiting for Li and Ping!!!! >.<

Henry Lee said...

jeremy lin also can haz free boost juice! :P

Henry Tan said...

ahhhh my name so odd! hard to wait for my turn! =(((

FiSh said...

my name is err.. kinda rare until i dont think i can get anything free from them T_T