Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Name Card :)

Previously when I go on events or reviews, I always feel shy to give away my name card which is related to my work, so I spoke to bb and he told me he will help me create and print a name card specially for me to give away during the times I go for events as a blogger.

He started off by asking me what I wanted in my name card. I told him to surprise me, considering he should know me well enough by now to know what I like :p so he took one day to design the entire thing, and proudly announced to everyone on twitter that my name card was ready.

I liked my name card instantly as he had captured what I wanted, and made it simple, just to my liking. It was shipped off to the printer the next day, with no changes made at all :D

A snapshot of my name card as designed and printed by the Clevermunkey :)

There are two things I love about my name card:
1.  The design was made just to my liking
2. The printing is super cheap, unlike what can be found elsewhere

So if you're in need for printing services for your name card, look no further :) He does printing services for a very small amount, and from personal experience I can tell you that it's definitely worth the money :)

He can also help to design your name card for you for a small extra charge :)

 Below are some samples of the name cards that he has printed, and also some that he has designed :)

Apart from name cards, he also provides high quality printing services & customised design for:

1. Name Card / Member Card
2. Flyer
3. Poster
4. Envelope
5. Letterhead
6. Booklet
7. Paper Bag
8. Folder
9. Calendar
10. Bill Book
11. Ang Pow
12. Car Sticker
13. Magnet
14. Coaster
15. Note Book
16. Paper Fan
17. Bunting
18. Banner

For more info, please contact Henry @ 014-9650867, or email: [email protected]


Cutebun said...

Now to design my namecards. lol

choulyin.tan said...

you can get Henry to print for you and collect it when you come over! :D hehe

foongpc said...

Nice name cards! : )

missyblurkit said... i get your namecard?

Henry Tan said...

ohmy u make me feel like making one too!! but then... do i really need one? cause i'm just small potato blogger. =.=

michleong said...

It's worth it! Quality is good as well. (Y)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Agree with Henry, small potato blogger ): People might laugh at me sobss but I like your namecard! So colourful and pretty :D

Nikel Khor said...

cool now!

choulyin.tan said...

thanks!! :D Hope I can pass one to you one day :)

of course you do!! :D I can pass to you when next we meet

Me too ma..but better to have one, cos you never know when you might need it. sumore it's cheap, so not so much damage on your wallet

haha no la..I also small potato blogger ma xD hehe can ask Henry to design for you also if you wan ^^

you want? :D