Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Petite Millie @ One Utama Shopping Centre

Petite Millie is a quaint restaurant located on the ground floor of One Utama Shopping Complex. Located near the old wing, it's elegant facade and charming atmosphere instantly brings everyone into the relaxing ambience :)

It is said that the best things in life a free. It's not about money, but most importantly good food, with good company. Accordingly, that's what the peeps in Petite Millie believes in as well. Petite Millie is an extension of the flagship restaurant Millesime located in Menara Kencana Petroleum in the Solaris Dutamas area. Opened not too long ago, the Petite Millie name bears the meaning ‘Little Millesime’ and is based on the modern European casual dining, reminiscent of but not confined by the French brasserie dining concept.

See those little black boxes on the floor? It's for girls to put their hand bags, or guys to land their backpacks. First restaurant I've been to that thinks of the special needs of their patrons :)

Bourguignonne Style Beef Bavette (RM46.50)

The Bourguignonne Style Beef Bavette is one of the more popular dishes amongst the customers. Mostly because it is the tender Angus Flank of Beef Braised with Shallot, Mushroom and Demi Glace. Every bite of this Steak is juicy and just nice, without being too well done or raw. I would personally recommend this dish to those who love their Angus beef to be nicely braised and juicy in every single bite. Adding a nice touch is also the asparagus, which comes as a beautiful side to the main.

Emilia's Tagliatelle al Duck Ragu (RM28.50)

This dish consists of Two Duck Preparation, Pesto sauce which has a touch of crushed garlic, basil, and European pine nuts blended with olive oil and cheese, Oregano for a little minty taste and some crispy Breadcrumbs! It wasn't too salty as most duck dishes, and the duck was tender and juicy to the bite. Definitely a must try :)

Avocado and Crab...c'est une boone vie! (RM19.50)

This dish has a mixture of Fragrant Tyme, Lemon Oil, Chive and Crab Meat Salad with Avocado. I've never had Avodaco with Crab before so this was a new experience for me. However, it would be nicer if the Avocado was sliced a little thinner and spread out over the entire tart. Having a piece of the Avocado just like that doesn't really give as much kick :p

Iberian Beef Cecina (RM19.50)

This dish is filled with slices of Air Dried Beef Loin, which looks like bacon but is not as crisp. Instead, it has the chewy taste and Capsicum Concasee, which means various type of Capsicum spread on top of the hot baked tart.

I wana make special mention of their salad, which I think they did very well with their own house dressing. I love the taste, and their salad leaves are fresh enough, and crisp to the bite. Very refreshing, and I wouldn't mind having it with a serving of fish or meat :)

Very Atas One! (RM26)

This dish actually had me going for a moment. When Bok told me that it was called Very Atas One, I was a little skeptical, and proceeded to flip the menu to find it. I couldn't find it so I thought he was pulling my leg, until bb actually pointed it out to me and I was amazed at why they called it that.

Very Atas One is made of thinly Sliced Beef, Blue Cheese Crumbs with Caramelized Onions, and mushrooms :) The blue cheese is a little too strong for my taste, but the mushrooms leave me wanting more. The beef complements the cheese well, and I would recommend it for those who love themselves a rich dish full with class :)

Poutine Cheek...and its deadly (RM26)

Why is it deadly? It's simple, 6 hours of Braised Beef Cheek, Freshly Ground Pepper and Truffle Oil. Can you imagine what can be done in 6 hours? :p

Provencale Root Vegetables and Borlotti Bean (RM12.50)

Roasted Leek and Potato Veloute (RM12.50)

A little creamy for my taste, but the chives managed to balance it out...now, if only there were a little bit more chives in this dish :p

Luv a Duck (RM23.50)

Luv a Duck comes with Peppered Duck Breast & Fresh Rocket Leaves, and Orange. No Peking Duck style, but the duck flesh gives a burst of flavour in your mouth, especially if coupled with the juicy orange :)

Back: Leprechaun's Brew (RM14)
Forefront: Monkey in the Tropics (RM14)

The drinks served at Petite Millie's are not bad. I tried their Leprechaun's Brew milkshake, and the taste wasn't too overpowering for me, making me able to continue drinking it til the last sip!

Apple Crumble (RM16.90)

Dessert after a good meal is a must have, and Petite Millie serves an amazing Apple Crumble :D The apple tart is not too dry and flaky. Not too sweet either, it goes well with the Ice Cream served, the sweetness from the Ice Cream complementing the mixture of tastes in your mouth.

Apart from their daily opening hours and offerings, they also have a Happy Tea Time slot daily. It's from 3-6pm where if you dine in and order one tart flambee or dessert, there would be free flow of fresh brewed coffee/english tea.

Petite Millie
Lot G146, Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Tel No : +6 03 - 7732 0395

Open daily from 10am until 10pm.

PS: All pics taken from CleverMunkey here :)


choi yen said...

heard that Poutine is something can't miss here?

Henry Tan said...

can i dowan the avocado but just crab meat? hahaha

Nikel Khor said...

Haha... i want!

choulyin.tan said...

Choi Yen
Yup :) You should try it

lol, avocado does have a distinct taste that you either love or not :p i guess cos they're so big you can just pick them off :p