Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: GeorgPeck @ Sunway Pyramid

Ladies and Gentlemen, yet another bubble tea shop has reached our beloved shores of Malaysia!!!

Newly opened GeorgPeck hails from Taiwan and unlike other generic bubble tea shops, they have a wider offering base, which include healthy fruit juices! Not bad for a Taiwanese franchise huh?

Why such an unusual name? well, needless to say, Georg is the founders name, and the last word Peck actually comes from the Peck Fish Market of Seattle, America where the founder thinks is a wonderful market place as everyone there works joyfully and full of enthusiasm, therefore the name GeorgPeck comes about as he wants everyone to work with full of enthusiasm as well!

Personally, I think this is a rather grand way of naming one's franchise :D

From back to front:
1. Ice Blended  Fresh Passion Fruit with Honey, RM6.90(L)
2.Fresh Tomato with Honey, RM6.90(R)
3.House Brewed Coffee, RM6.90
4. Sri Lanka Black Tea, RM3.90 (R)
5.Ice blended Fresh Orange with Honey, RM5.90(R)
6.Lemon Plum, RM4.90(R)
7.Passion Fruit Green Tea, 5.90(L)
8. House Brewed Coffee, RM6.90

Left to Right:
1.Golden Milk Green Tea. RM5.90 (L)
2. Hokkaido Milk Tea. RM7.90(L)

I love the Golden Milk Green Tea as it has a hint of green tea as well as the light aftertaste of caramel, which is one of my favourite tastes :D

 Mocha Ice Blended. RM7.90

Very nice for me as both coffee and chocolate taste goes together nicely :) There was no overpowering one another, which makes for a delightful drink.

Chocolate Milk Tea .RM5.90.

I love this the most, as I am a dark chocolate lover. I couldn't stop myself to keep from drinking this >.<

Taro Milk Tea. RM5.90(L)

A specialty of the store, they have managed to keep the taro taste true to itself, without being tasteless or overpowering.

The decor of the place, brightly lit with white lights. GeorgPeck is located inside Asia Avenue (Top floor), somewhere in between the food street. (opposite Korean food street, sandwiched between Snowy Mix and Shilin Taiwanese Snacks.)

As you can see, the interior is decorated with a rather English feel to it, making it clean and modern.

The Passion Fruit, which is one of the specialty of the store. According to the owners, the more wrinkled the skin of the Passion Fruit, the sweeter it tastes. So don't be fooled by the ugly look of the fruit, it's actually very sweet inside! A typical case study of the ugly duckling :p

So, do you want to Peck it?

Sunway Pyramid, Asian Avenue, F1.AV135
email: [email protected]


Xue Ren said...

I saw this shop a few days ago at Sunway Pyramid! Will try it out one day! :)

Hilda Milda™ said...

Ehhh, didn't notice this shop when I'm at asian avenue ystrday. Too many bubble tea shop nowadays lah ~.~