Monday, June 04, 2012

Ten things

A random post about the bb, ten things I like about him

1. His dimple. This was what drawn me to him in the first place

2. The adorable habit of him shaking his legs. Whether he's sitting down, or standing up

3. When he calls me my nama manja :p Too many to list down here, and no, I will not tell you what they are >.<

4. When he layans my emo moments. And he doesn't complain about it either :D

5. The professional way he looks whenever he's taking pictures. He will just go to about any length just to get the right shot that he wants

6. His passion for photography. No one can get in his way when it comes to this

7. How he doesn't take nonsense from anyone (though this can be a bit annoying at times, cos he also doesn't really take nonsense from me -.-")

8. When he helps me crack by backbone, cos I can't do it all by myself. Ya, I'm a noob that way :p

9. How we love the same type of food. It's so easy to tapau stuff for him cos I can get what I want, and I know he will like it too :D

10. How he can read my mind at the weirdest times :p He's done it too many times to count >.<


Henry Lee said...

definitely not 1 thing! Muakakaka...

choulyin.tan said...

ya I forgot to add in that you can be a clown too :p

Unknown said...

awww...sweet post la...not sepuluh!!!;DD

Ken Wooi said...

should be 100 things lah :P

Merryn said...

aww.. so cweeeeeeet!

Henry Tan said...

sweet!! hahaha

michleong said...

*bulu roma* shrugs. haha

FiSh said...

crack backbone? hahaha so sweet XD

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