Monday, September 03, 2012

Johnny Walker @ Penang

I'm sure lots of you guys would have heard about the trip to Penang that I took a while back :p if you haven't, here's the link *click* I was there for two reasons. Business, and Pleasure :D Business in the morning, and pleasure at night >.< lol sounds so scandalous. But I assure you, it was everything but scandalous :p Had a lot of fun that night, bonded with some long lost friends, and went through a roller coaster night :D

The event was held at Penang Turf Club, which to me didn't make a lot of sense :p Didn't manage to take a picture of the outside, but here's what it looked like inside.

Oh and for you die hard JJ fans, here's a picture I got of him, not with him posing cos that was not allowed, but I managed to sneak one :p I think this was a pretty good shot. Oh and before he left, he said bye to us :p cos we were by his

A group picture of the entourage of four, two ladies from KL, and two gentlemen from Penang :) Special thanks to Sher Lynn for providing us with the entrance tickets!! Forever in your debt!!! :)

Managed to catch Ash as well, she was at the photowall, taking pictures of the attendees of the party

With the beautiful Nicole Chang :D whom I managed to see for a short while before she disappeared >.< hehehe

The atmosphere inside the club itself. As I said before, I didn't know why they decided to have it here. It was so packed, there was hardly any room to move around, let alone dance :(

 Got a shot of the Gold Label, of which I managed to have a glass. Not to my taste though :/

Me with Nicole and Sher Lynn :) when there was still a little bit of space to move about

Camwhoring skills tahap dewa :p

The two dudes who came with us :D Sorry girls, both are taken already :p

Group shot!!!

Out of all the drinks that night, I personally liked this one the most. It's called the Black Circuit. There were a lot of other more interesting mixes that night, but didn't get to try all of it cos they ran out at like, 11pm...

Close up shot of the Black Circuit :)

Sher Lynn being real excited at the photo booth. I think she had quite a few drinks in her already at this point in time...

Doing funny faces with le schoolmate :)

We met this handsome "James Bond" too...because the theme was Britain (or sth along those lines), there were quite a few ang mohs who came dressed up

Some pics we took at the photo booth and had emailed to us :D all of us doing our funny faces :D

This is a great pic I think :) we were all still quite sober here >.<

All in all, it was a pretty awesome night out in Penang with friends. I wouldn't mind going through it again :D though I missed the bb a little when I was there, cos I usually almost always go to alcohol events with him. But I got him a little souvenir so he wouldn't feel left out >.< heehehe

Nvm, more chances in the future, and in anticipation of that, I say, Let the party begin!!!! :D


Shopaholic said...

Forever in my debt eh? *rubs hands* Your pics all so nice wei... They didn't email the pics to me. =(

choulyin.tan said...

try check your junk went into my junk mail >.<

FurFer said...

smexies! <3

Koh Kian Fai said...

wow , got tons of leng lui and leng zai eh? :P

Charmaine Pua said...

Cleavages!! Hahahaha!! :D

Henry Lee said...

so crowded! LOL

missyblurkit said...

so much fun!