Saturday, September 01, 2012

My Penang Trip in August!

So this post will be a post about my Penang trip few weeks ago when I was there for work and also party!! The party post will come up another day, but for now, let's tackle the holiday bit :D

Due to some last minute requests to head up to Penang for work, I decided to make the most out of it and decided to plan something for that Saturday evening with Sher Lynn *cough*JW*cough* :D Managed to plan everything well despite the last minute-ness of things, and here's how our holiday weekend went!!!

Apart from the JW, we managed to do some sightseeing, and try out the famous Penang food :D It's gonna be a looooong post with pictures so brace yourselves!!! :D

 le famous Gurney Drive muar chee :D

met Ashley the night before for some chilling session :)

 I was glad I managed to catch up with Jason (and Mike) that weekend, as it has been a really long while since we saw each other. Jason was my high school friend, and he has been in Penang the past four years to study and his Hokkien sounds like Penang Hokkien :p

Bak Chang at New World Food Court. If you're not sure where this food court is, it's beside Tune Hotel :) I wanted to tapau this back to KL, but we were too rushed the other day :/

Oh chien!!!! Also at New World, the Oysters were really fresh, and you could taste the juice as you bite into it. Heavenly....... :)

of course, what trip to Penang is complete without their signature Asam Laksa? :) This was also at New World, which I find to be prety good.

The famous Durian stall at Lorong Susu...near Lorong Selamat

They also sold mangosteens...

.....and langsat :) they look so fresh kan...I miss Langsat ...

I ordered this at one of the famous char kueh tiaw stalls at Lorong Selamat the day after our JW was supposed to be Jagung Ais, and supposed to come in a bowl (where they have it in abundance in Kuching) but apparently the lady didn't really understood what I was ordering and it came in this glass -.-"

le famous CKT at Lorong Selamat. When it came, I could understand why it was so expensive...the prawns were huge and there were quite a handful in there.

Taken from the seaside near Fort Cornwallis

We took quite a few tries to get this shot, and I was pretty proud of my (actually it's Henry's) Canon G9 :) This pic turned out pretty well.
Btw, it's Jason on the left, and Sher Lynn on the right :)

Entrance only RM2 ma...why not spend and go in to take a look kan? :)

The Lighthouse

I thought this was a tombstone...rupanya JKR cable -.-"

I love how clear the skies are :)

me having my vain moment with Francis Light :p

 On the way to the bridge to finally make our way home...

All in all, I was glad to have planned this super impromptu trip up to Penang based on the circumstances :) The presence of le awesome people there also made a super big difference to the amount of fun we had!! :D

Can't wait to go back there again!!!

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