Thursday, January 17, 2013

Post 2012

*This post has been sitting in my drafts for so long....finally have a bit of time to post it up*

So 2012 has come and gone, but all those awesome memories remain!!! :)

Before I forget, Merry Belated Christmas and Happy Belated New Year 2013 to all my readers! I dearly apologize for the lack of postings these past weeks, as I was super busy with work and also other related matters on the personal front >.<

But no matter, let's get on with the nitty gritty of today's post :)

The year 2012 has been a year full of unexpected journeys for me, with more events to attend and more milestones to add into my already colourful life. If you're interested, you can read about my 2011 reflections here *click*

So what happened in 2012?

It was a year filled with celebrations :) My nephew Brendan celebrated his first birthday in September! He was born on 18 September 2011 in Kuching, and I still remember the day I got the call that my sister has given birth...we were at FaceKara at Viva Home (oh I blogged about FaceKara here! *click*) with a group of friends, and we were just finishing when I got the call :) my heart literally skipped a beat :D

This was how small he looked

I especially liked this picture :) cos it shows his naughty side

And this is how big he has grown!!!! *adorable*

This year, le bb and I celebrated our first anniversary as a couple :) It has been a fulfilling journey, and we have definitely learnt a lot about each other over the past year. Here's to many many more years to come :)

Our first trip to Sekinchan for a photo shoot

Some people say we're starting to look alike. What say you?

Our most recent pic together :)

Apart from celebrations, it was also a year full of events :D There was the Hennessy Artistry parties *click*, *click*, Hennessy NYX New Bottle Launch *click*, Carlsberg Where's the Party, and a whole lot more :)

It was also a year full of trips, I can't remember a time when I travelled to so many places. Granted, some places we just over the weekend, but it was a good change from the stresses of work nonetheless :)

 We went to Genting :) Here's the amazing view of the theme park taken from our hotel room

We went to KK, and Hippo travelled with us too!

We went to Langkawi :) and tried the Cable Car and drove all around the island, and got lost a few times while reading the map. I have to say, I have pretty ok map-reading skills :) It was a good experience :D

There were also other places that we went to, like Sekinchan, Terengganu (Royal Aryani), and Ipoh (quitea few times), amongst others, and I'm glad I managed to travel to these places, if only for a few days of relaxation.

2012 was also the year I gained a little more recognition as a blogger. After being in these shoes as a blogger, I would say that while we do get quite a few privileges, it is not without effort. I have seen many people out there criticising bloggers for getting free stuff, be it products, free stays at resorts, or even free meals, but let me assure you, it is not without the effort on our part. What we get, is from how much effort we put in.

This is a picture of my beloved new shelf in my new place, where all my books are displayed in all their glory :) Haven't read all of them (I can see that question forming in your mind), but I will get to it one day :p

Lastly, 2012 was about a new chapter in life. In the last month of the year, we moved house. I am currently staying in a higher density area, closer to watering holes (and by this, I mean those alcoholic kinds), and closer to my workplace :) Not to say there is no jam to and from work, but it's not so bad to the point of being unbearable. I love my new place, and I can safely say that I have made it my home :)

So, 2012 was a good year for me, and I hope that 2013 will be an even better one :D



Henry Lee said...

u forgot to mention some of the privileges were from me! :P

FurFer said...

fui yoh <3 I can feel so much in your blog sia. Lovey dovey ~

Unknown said...

byk byk byk love love love~~~ <3 weeeeeeeeeee~ Miss u babeh!!!!! stay in love~ keep in touch! Lubiu! lol! XD

michleong said...

Your post is finally here! haha. Nice recent formal pic of the both of you. Pretty!

choulyin.tan said...

some only lah :p not all

hehehe thankies :D

miss you too baby!!!! when you wana come my house makan dinner?

thanks dear! Latest one that I have :D