Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Harper's Bazaar 10th Anniversary Edition

Harper's Bazaar is celebrating their 10th Anniversary this April, and to commemorate it they have special edition Lanvin ME boxes with goodies inside! However, these boxes are super limited, and only available in selected bookstores and newsstands in KL.

How did I manage to find out about it? Thanks to Tammy and Jerine!!! :D See, awesome bloggers are awesome. They share and care :D So, goodies like these are shared between all beauty bloggers. Once one blogger finds out about something of value for other bbloggers out there, they share!!!

OK I shall stop about the entire blogger sharing caring thing :D Back to Harper's Bazaar, I will let the pictures do the talking :)

The boxset

In case you were wondering, it was heavy. I've read that it's approximately 3kg, but maybe not la...maybe 1.5-2kg? But 3kg was a little too much >.<

How the interior looks like after opening up the cover. All the goodies were packed nicely into the cosmetic pouch, and placed on top of the magazine.

Open up everything, and there you have it! The complete items in the box itself.

  1. Harper's Bazaar Magazine (500 pages thick)
  2. Beauty Look Book (about the latest beauty trends, but when I flipped through it, about 2/3 of the contents were all perfume)
  3. Harper's Bazaar Vanity Case (It's actually just a cosmetic pouch :p)
  4. Harper's Bazaar Notebook (Another one to add into my collection, this one is sleek and lined)
  5. Lanvin ME Miniature Perfume (I think this would be the reason why most people would purchase this boxset. The scent itself is powdery and light, but becomes stronger over time. I would use this for events, but definitely not for daily wear)
  6. Harper's Bazaar Box (doesn't really count, but I like that it's super solid, and that I can reuse them to put my cosmetics and creams :D)

So where can you get it??

This limited edition boxset  is available at:

  • Kinokuniya (sold out from what I hear)
  • Times BSC, Pavilion (no more), Hartamas Shopping Centre (about 3 left I think?)
  • Borders Gardens, I Mont Kiara, Bangsar Village II, The Curve (didn't go to any of these places recently, so not sure if they are still available)
  • MyNews Pavilion (last time I saw it, there were about five boxes left)
This pic taken at MyNews Pavilion last Sunday. Not sure if they're still available or not though

So hurry up if you want to own a copy of this limited edition boxset! One costs only RM15, so it's a steal!!! If you're too late, you'll only be left with just the magazine itself :(


LauraLeia said...

I put the entire box on my weighing scale and it showed more than 2kg leh! LOL So either it's really that heavy, or my scale broken d, hahahaha

Choulyin said...

omg really???? wah means my weight estimates are super wrong lol thanks for the clarification!! :)

Nicole Yee said...

I want to grab it,but i don't know where still available :( I don't have time to search around too

Choulyin said...

not too sure if they still have it elsewhere..I think it might be sold out already...the one at Times Hartamas is finished up

Nicole Yee said...

Awww,no more everywhere already :'(

Choulyin said...

awww :( it's ok babe, there will be other chances in the future :)

Nicole Yee said...

I hope so,and something similar like this or better ;)