Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Post Malaysian International Shoe Festival @ PWTC, KL

So if you have been following my blog previously, over the weekend there was this massive international shoe fiesta held at PWTC. You can read about my previous post here *click*

There were so many types of shoes on sale, from heels, to sneakers, to slippers, to wedding shoes, to berbanyak-banyak lah!!! lol you will get to see them later in the pictures below :p

*warning* picture filled post below...ALOT of pictures :p

This is what you will see when you enter the main hall of PWTC. These cars actually roam the streets of KL prior to the MISF, but I've never actually seen any of them on the road before. Wished I could have seen them though, it would have been a sight!

So as usual when you enter a hall, all the cheaper shoes are lined up at the front, making it easier to grab for those who loves bargains :)

 Who says MISF are only just to sell shoes? There are lots of other items on sale as well, from wallets, to bags, to belts, etc. There's even a stall that was selling phone casings. Like, what? Phone casings in a Shoe Festival? :p

Some of the exhibits on display. These are the pure money can't buy shoes, designed by renowned designers in SEA, with many different concepts and ideas. I loved this peacock concept, and marveled at the creativity and vision these designers have when coming up with something totally different, and eye-catching.

As is the norm with all other exhibitions around the world, there are also concurrent contests happening. For this year's MISF, there was the Shop & Win, where if you buy a certain amount in a single receipt, you will get a contest form and will be given a chance to guess how many shoes are in the car (see below).


I like the fake shoes on the cars though, I think they're really pretty and I wouldn't mind a real one for me to wear during my outings :D

These exhibit shoes are made from recycled tin cans. As you can see, there is the Coca Cola can, and I think the yellow can is the Yeo's chrysanthemum tea can :D quite interesting.

Paez shoes :) all beautifully coloured and on display

This princessy-like gazebo is actually the platform where they launched the MISF 2013, and it houses the most expensive shoes in the entire festival. Most expensive? How so? Because they were designed and handmade by none other than our very own shoelebrity (hahaha pun on shoe celebrity *lame*), Datuk Jimmy Choo!!! I don't need the shoes, I just need this to feel like a princess for a day :)

Some of his shoe designs, this particular one is of a Orang Ulu motif. Not bad, but I would prefer something a little less catchy. Sorry for the dirt around the picture, this shoe has to be boarded up because one shoe like this can fetch up to RM3000++!!!!

Apart from shoes for the everyday average person like you and me, there are also shoes available for kids! Babies, toddlers, and young children all have a chance to get the shoes of their childhood dreams :)

Not forgetting the men in our lives, there are also a few shoe brands dedicated to the other half (who doesn't really like to go shoe shopping).

The sport lovers will find this shoe festival exciting as well, because there were also a lot of sports shoes on display, and lots of them are super comfortable!!!

Ladies, please don't faint when you see the array of shoes ripe for the picking. I had to restrain myself from trying all of them on

Another look at the different exhibits, I am still amazed by the creativity of the designers and their ability to give a personality to the shoes that they create. This particular pair reminds me of cabaret dancers with the plumage and sequins. Simply stunning :)

Hailing from Indonesia, these shoes are also wonderfully themed. Firstly, sewing theme, with pins and a pincushion too! Of course, you wouldn't be able to wear these out, but just having them as ornaments on your shelf is enough.

The Earth themed shoe is pretty impressive and different. The detail that went into the painting of the globe is astounding. But too bad it's a little too high for my liking :p

This is a more practical shoe to wear out, and it is designed by none other than Zang Toi himself! I would love to have this in my possession :)

Moving on to another section of the hall, this is where there are miniature shoes prepared by university students for a competition. I like this particular one cos all is made entirely out of wood and wood shavings. So artistic right!!!

Nananananananananaananananananana....batman!!! :p

This is one cute shoe :D Ironman in heels! There are other comic book heroes as well, more of them in my fb album :)

There are also fashion sculptures made from materials used to make shoes on display, and all participated by universities around Malaysia. More pictures on that in my fb album, link will be at the bottom of the post :)

At the wedding section, there are so many shoes done up by Malaysian designers, but this one takes the cake.

By far, this is my absolute favourite shoe in the entire MISF. Admittedly, it is pretty simple, but that's what adds to its allure. Designed by renowned designer Bill Keith, I would love to have this pair of shoes. They're simple enough without being underdressed, and embellished enough without being overdressed!! You can wear this to your wedding, and then keep it for normal day outs on a lazy Sunday. This is versatility at its best :)

A sneak peek at other shoes on display :) those that loves studs will love this. It's a bit too funky for me, but to each his own :p

Part of the things on sale apart from shoes are the handmade bags. They're so pretty!!!!! but I already have too many bags already and this on costed RM45, so I couldn't justify to myself why I should get this bag. Sometimes I wish I can just argue with my reasoning mind :p

At the end of the exhibit, there is a shoe approximately 2 metres long at the exit, made entirely out of shoelaces!

Outside the hall, there is a wall of exhibits where they celebrate shoe designers and lots of shoes are put on display :) Apologize that the shoes are so small in the pictures, but I can't zoom and there is a barrier between us and the shoes. I presume it's to avoid people like me from lifting them up and toying with them :p

Look!! Lion dance!

Chinese Opera shoes

This picture reminds me of my musical days (though they weren't long), but then after that I thought of Ash, so here's to you babe! Hope you're loving Wellington :D

Whimsical Grace :)

Some display of shoes designed by kinds from 4-6 year olds :) There were many more on display, but I took this particular shot to feature cos I liked the pink butterfly on the left.

This contest is open to all children between the ages of 4-6, and they are strictly supposed to work on their shoes/ slippers themselves, i.e. NO PARENTS ALLOWED :p

Caught this little girl halfway decorating her slipper. but I think she has been at it for a while, because after that she just played around with the sequins and didn't want to decorate the slipper anymore. But cute nonetheless :)

Did you miss out on MISF 2013? Be sure to mark it in your calendar when they announce it next year! I promise you there will be many many goodies up for grabs!

I got myself a gift when I went to the shoe festival, and I love how it gives off an autumn-ish feel and vibe. Who knew that brown and blue could work so well together? The height of the shoes are just right, and it's not too embellished to be Over The Top :) Just perfect.

I, for one, can't wait to go back there again next year, as I'm pretty sure the 5th time will be just as exciting and glamorous. I just wished I had more time to get everything I want! :D

For more pictures, do be sure to visit my facebook page, link to the album here *click*



Kelvin Tan said...

Shoe also got fest. LOL.

Yuh Jiun said...

Love your new purchase! Wanted to go at first but then my feet is really very big I scare no size TT

Merryn said...

I dislike shoes as they never come in my size 3 >_<

Chuen said...

So many shoes! Some of it are really creative :D