Thursday, April 04, 2013

Movie Review: The Host (2013)

The highly anticipated second movie adaptation from Stephanie Meyer (I call it second cos I consider the entire Twilight saga to be a first) is finally here.

The Host is a story of love and sacrifice in a futuristic world with the fate of humanity at stake. Planet Earth has been taken over by peaceful aliens, known as Souls.

Melanie (Saoirse Ronan), one of a small band of human resistance, is caught by The Seeker (Diane Kruger), a peacekeeper responsible for defending this new race from the last of the humans. After a desperate struggle, a Soul named Wanderer is surgically implanted into Melanie’s body.

Melanie’s strong will convinces the reluctant Wanderer to be her ally and they set off on a dangerous search to save her family, and the men they both come to love.

To give you a feel of the movie, check out the trailer below :)

Verdict: 6.5/10. It really does make a difference who you pick as the cast, and the director. The movie adaptation of this story was so much better than Twilight, considering both books were written by the same author, Stephanie Meyer. The concept was original, and the lines were good, even comedic in some parts, which made it much better for consumption by the mass media. Though there were a few plotholes, like, how did the hosts even come to Earth in the first place, if they had to come here in pods? And being a peaceful bunch, wouldn't they have been beaten (or shot or whatever) to death when they first started to infiltrate the humans?

I would prefer it if Jake Abel was the main cast :p he looks so much yummier than Max Irons

The ending didn't really go the way I wanted it to go, and I thought the movie would have a bigger impact if it was filmed a little differently. I mean, having Pet there seems too much like a convenience, and if the previous people have woken up after the humans removed the Souls from them, then they would have known that humans can co-exist with the souls, right? Then they could have told Jeb that Mel was still alive and kicking in her own body. So quite a chunk of the movie doesn't really make sense when you watch the ending, cos it doesn't add up. But if you're not the thinking type, then it wouldn't bother you :p

 Diane Kruger!!! :D

On another note, the acting by the actors were good, and Saoirse Ronan really did bring out the movie well. Diane Kruger as the Seeker was good, and it was great to see how she portrayed Terra the Seeker.

The Host opens in cinemas on the 4th April, so if you have nothing else better to do this weekend, you can go catch it at the local cinemas near you :)


Henry Lee said...

everyone wants to get laid in the movie! :P

Chuen said...

Saw the trailer before and it was pretty good. Now more reasons to watch this :)