Friday, April 05, 2013

WeChat TVC Launch @ Neverland, KL

A few nights ago, WeChat officially launched their TVC series at Neverland, with member of the media and bloggers. WeChat is one of the most powerful and successful mobile phone text and voice messaging communication service in Malaysia, and the best part about this is that the application is also now available on BlackBerry. This means that now instead of only Android and IPhone users being able to experience this app, BlackBerry users can now also utilise the app's functionality!

Another reason for having the event was also to introduce their new brand ambassadors, Shaheizy Sam, and also Lisa Surihani. Although, it was a little weird that they were not the MC, much less there at all. :/

There are three commercials altogether, here's one of the commercials with Shaheizy doin' the Harlem Shake:

After experiencing the app for myself, I would say that it's most useful feature is the voice messaging function, which enables users to send messages to their buddies via audio. Effectively, it's kinda like a walkie talkie :D Being a texting-while-driving person, this actually reduces the hassle for me to constantly divide my time between my phone and my time on the road (I actually usually just slow down in the slow lane while doing this >.<). So, for me, this app hits the home run with this functionality :D

with Charmaine, the recently engaged blogger who complains that her popularity has gone down just because she got engaged, and also Jennifer Hew (aka Furfer) who seems to be getting prettier each time I see her :p

The party itself was filled to the brim with activities and performances, with a special appearance by DJ SykoGroove.

Our MC was none other than Rudy himself, and his years of being a Radio DJ has given him an edge when it comes to MC-ing, and his witty remarks kept the audience in stitches.

DJ SykoGroove turning his groove on (get it??? lol)

We were entertained by Vivian Chua and Henley Hii who each sang a song and then a duet

le blogger, Cindy Tong

There was food as well that night, and cupcakes as well!! But after having the food, I was too stuffed to try out the cupcakes, so I didn't take any of these little pretties :p

Last but not least, the party ended with a bang, with lucky draws where they gave out Hello Kitty speakers, Dr. Dre's Beats Solo headphones, and and iPad! I would say it was quite a lucky night for le bb and I, as we walked away with not one, but TWO lucky draw prizes!!!

Couldn't resist not taking a pic :D If you are wondering, we both got the Hello Kitty speakers >.<

Last pic of us taken at the photo booth before entering the party :)

WeChat is now available on iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.
Download and install yours for free today!

For more information, please visit the official website or
its Facebook:


Kelvin Tan said...

Why does the cat keep singing when you guys snap at the photo booth? LOL

Henry Lee said...

i bring u ong leh! :P

Tammy said...

wow congrats leh two lucky draw prizes!!! hello kitty somore

Charmaine Pua said...

LOL! Not popularity drop la... no market jor! XD

Xue Ren said...

congratz on winning the lucky draw dear! :)