Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WonderBox April Edition

My WonderBox April subscription came in the mail yesterday afternoon, making me all the more eager to leave work so I could get to see what products they have in store for us Beauty Box lovers :p

This month's box came with a bumper package!! Initially I thought that it was a free gift or something, but upon opening it, it was actually a set of three-step skincare :)

So what's in this month's box?

 Looking all pretty with a blue bow :)

 Ta-daa!!! This month's content :) all arranged neatly in the box itself. Now I know why the travel set cant fit into the box...most of the box was already taken up by the Clinelle Scrub!

Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub with Marine Beads (RM25.00/ 50ml). This product is a special bumper product, 75ml

A new improved formula which acts as a scrub and a mask. A unique scrub with dual exfoliation functions that gently remove dull skin surface, while instantly leaving skin noticeably smoother and radiant. Contains Vitamin B3, Olive Extracts, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Peppermint.

This is the alternative product in this month's edition of WonderBox. Others I saw got a Ronasutra Blush. I like that this is a scrub for all skin types, and that it is also a mask. I can easily just leave this on my face for five minutes as a mask, and let it deep cleanse and exfoliate when I wash it off. Another bonus is that it is a special bumper product of 75ml instead of the 50ml, so I can use it longer! :)

P/S: the price for the scrub was unavailable in the product description, so I googled online and found it from HiShop *link here*

Right: L'oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Masque (RM67/200ml)
Left: L'oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo (RM50/ 250ml, RM79/ 500ml)

Masque: This super smoothing masque bathes hair in hydration, polishing its surfacce and providing humidity protection. Shine is enhanced and control is regained. For unmanageable, frizzy hair

Shampoo: Cleanse, calm, and smooth rebellious, frizzy hair with this enriching shampoo containing Olive and Argan oils. Its conditioning action provides lasting smoothness & humidity protection

I love these two!!! Cos my hair is layered, it tends to get a frizzy towards the end of the day, but with this, it claims to be able to control frizz, so Imma gonna give this a try to see if it works :)

Timeless Truth Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask (RM10 per pack)

Enhanced with a replenishing formula that delivers the optimal dose of hydration to fulfil skin's thirst  using a patented functionality cloth

Recently I've been receiving lots of masks from TT, and I like that I'm getting different types so that I can try all these out :) On top of that, I heard that their masks are really good, so I'm really excited to try it! Stay tuned to this blog for some reviews ya :)

 Prickly Pear three-step skincare, For normal to combination skin (price unavailable)

This is another product that was given out differently to different subscribers. Some got the Glasswort (dry and mature skin), Alpine Willowherb (oily and acne prone skin), and the Prickly Pear (normal to combination skin)

Esmeria Organics is a local Malaysian brand that is certified organic by EcoCert, the French-based international organic certification body known for its stringent certification standards. Esmeria Organics not only is the first Malaysian company to receive EcoCert’s stamp of approval but also the first in South East Asia

The Prickly Pear, which is a type of cactus, is for normal to oily skin or otherwise known as combination skin which is the most common skin type in Malaysia and Asian countries. It provides deep hydration, soothes and protects the skin from UV damage. This is combined with other advanced bio actives to reduce the production of sebum especially on the T-zone, and help calms irritated skin.

I like the smell of this product :) It smells fresh and reminds me of an herb garden, much like lavender :P I think this product came at an opportune time cos I will be doing a fair bit of traveling this few months, and it would be an awesome travel companion :)

Le bb asked me why they included they box when they could have just taken the products out of the packaging and packed it into a little bag to be included into the box itself. That way, they wouldn't have to pack the additional box. Well, for me, I think it's the packaging that makes the first impression, so I appreciated that they gave us the box as well :)

We were also given some vouchers :D From HiShop and Strip :) I would say RM25 is quite substantial, and I'm gonna go browse in a bit to see what other sweet stuff I can get from there :)

I must say, this month's beauty box restored my faith in them :) The products this time around are suitable for me, and I like that they listened to us subscribers. I would say my only grouse was that there was no cosmetics in this box of mine (others got the Ronasutra blush), but this alternate box had no other cosmetics, it was replaced with the Clinelle scrub. Perhaps if you have a substitute product, to have the substitute product also be a cosmetic item?

Maybe I'm being too critical, but I would love to have variety in my boxes, from skincare to haircare to cosmetics.

So what did you think about your WonderBox this month? Leave me a comment below!!

If you are excited about this month's box and would love to subscribe to it, just click the referral link here :) *click*



Li Chuen said...

Stuff looks good for this month :D

Hilda Teo said...

Most of their stuff are full-sized items! Not bad (:

Choulyin said...

yup! this month is really worth the money )

Choulyin said...

yes it does! didn't regret subscribing to this one :)

Choulyin said...

yup, this month's one was worth it :)

ahlost said...

looks like nowadays many online beauty shops have this kinda package hor. I don't wanna click on the link. later the shopping devil in me hit me again :D

Choulyin said...

hahahaha click la.....heheehehe