Friday, April 26, 2013

Event: Shizens Announces their New Brand Ambassadress

Two weeks ago, I was given the privilege to attend another Shizens event at their Level 6 outlet in Pavilion, where they unveiled their new Shizens Ambassadress, Jojo Goh :) The first Shizens event I attended also featured Jojo as their special guest. You can view the blog post for the Shizens Hydro Series Launch here :) *click*

We were entertained by the MC, Ms. Xandria Ooi. I've watched her from her 8TV Quickie days, and I must say, she has come a really long way since then :)

Shizens is a skin care and cosmetic company in Malaysia and is inspired and infused with natural ingredients.

Confession: when Jojo was speaking to Xandria, I couldn;t help but notice how flat Xandria's tummy is :p

When speaking with Xandria, Jojo shared her love for Shizens products and how she uses them religiously as her skincare regime. She showed particular love for the Lip Tattoo, a product that can bring out the natural pink of your lips and lasts for six hours, even after eating, drinking or kissing your partner :)

I got a Lip Painter at the last launch, which functions much like the Lip Tattoo, but with an additional lip gloss at the other end. Review will be up soon, after I manage to go through all the other pending blog posts ya :D

What I liked about Jojo was her candor and wit in answering questions that Xandria and the public posed at her. It's no wonder that she was the 2nd Runner Up of Miss Astro Chinese International 2006 , and won the Most Promising Actress Award at the 25th Malaysian Film Festival.

Personally, I think she will be a good ambassadress. Why? Because when you want to endorse something, you need to fully believe in it. And judging by the way she talks, she really believes in the product and the brand.

I myself am using the Hydrosome Liposome Essence right now, and I love it :) However, the price range is a little high for me, so hopefully when I can afford it more in the future, I would be able to invest in a skin care that I am truly passionate about, much like how passionate Jojo is with Shizens :)


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