Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Bag of Love's Unboxing Tea Party hosted by Delectable Su and The Butterfly Project

Hola ladies!!! sorry for the hiatus, it has been a long week for me, what with spending the last half of last week travelling and flying back to my hometown to vote. I am still in my hometown btw, and it has been a good time for me to relax and recuperate :)

But that's not what I want to share with you girls today. I want to share with you my awesome experience at the Bag of Love's Unboxing Tea Party a few weeks ago, which was hosted by Delectable by Su, and organised by The Butterfly Project!!!

If you've been a faithful follower of my blog, you would have noticed me writing an entry earlier on the Unboxing Tea Party, and the top five reasons why I would love to attend the tea party :) If you haven't, you can head on to it here *click*

Sidetrack: If you're a beauty blogger and want to be part of a community full of love and share and care, do join The Butterfly Project. Since I've joined the facebook group, I've had so many opportunities to attend exclusive events and I've met so many wonderful bloggers!!!

Ok back to the topic at hand. :D

The unboxing tea party was held at Delectable Su's outlet in Paradigm Mall, and we were regaled with the presence of Teh Mi Mi, the one-woman-show of Bag of Love. Personally, I really admire her for being able to start up such a successful business from scratch with little to no knowledge of the IT world.

Why did she quit her job as a top beauty writer in a prominent magazine? She wanted to spend more time with her family and her two children. Isn't that just love?

She is truly an inspiration for young mothers, and enterprising entrepreneurs out there.

One of the highlights of attending a tea party, of course, is the omnipresent deluge of treats!!!!! not only were we being spoilt with cakes and pastries prepared by Delectables for their afternoon tea party promotion, we were also being spoilt rotten by Tammy herself, when she bought so much desserts for us!!!

This is one of the desserts she got for us, in line with the theme of the day, the Bag of Love with the heart, and The Butterfly Bloggers with the butterfly on top. Because there were too many, I brought some back for le bb to taste, and even he said it was good. Goes to show that The Butterfly Project can really pick the good stuff :)

The tea tray set for Delectable's tea promotion, Tea Time Treats, RM15 for one person, and RM28 for two persons. This set comes with 8 pastries and buns, (one or two of each 8 items, depending on whether you're one person or came with company) and a pot of tea. This Tea Time Treat is available everyday from 2pm to 6pm. So if you're around the vicinity and feel a little English, be sure to drop by this quaint little patisserie and enjoy your fill of delectable treats!

Another reason why I loved to attend the Tea Party was so that I will get the opportunity to meet all the awesome beauty bloggers that I've only interacted with online. Needless to say, as this is a growing community, you will be bound to meet someone who share the same interests as you, and I am no exception.

Meet Newrulefarah, a vlogger (youtuber) who is just as passionate about books as I am! check out her youtube channel here! *click*

She also made a video of the tea party, and I've embedded the video below :) She's so cute you gotta watch it till the end :D

 Cindy, Swee San, and myself (yea I'm the only one who had to stand one level higher to be on the same level as them >.<)

I also met some bloggers that I have met at other events previously,  and it was awesome to see them again after not seeing some of them for quite a while :)

 Bendan, Cindy, and yours truly

Look at the array of cookies on display!!!!!!!
Furfer trying to be atas, drinking her tea the 'like a sir' way

Group photo of some of the bloggers who attended the afternoon session :)
Bendan, Jennifer, Cindy, Newrulefarah, Farisha, Kay, Swee San, and Angeline 

Want to know who's the brains behind all this? of course it's Miss Tammy Lim!!! She's such a bubbly personality and it's really great to get to interact with her. She's so down to earth and it's no wonder she's such a successful blogger :)

The highlight of the day was of course when we were given our beauty bag to unzip :) Another post on the beauty bag contents will be up soon!!! suffice to say that the contents are amazing :D

A necessary pic with the two awesome ladies of the day, Mi Mi and Tammy ;p yea, I think I should change my name to Choulmy :p hahahahaha

Choulyin, Li Chuen, and Angeline 

Having some down time after all the desserts, I think we were all experiencing some sugar high moment when we decided to pose with the scrabble pieces that made up the interior of the shop. That's us posing with the first letter of our names :D

Our door gift for attending the party, five extremely cute button badges that are special edition by Delectable Su! Usually those that purchase these badges will only get one, but we got the whole set! They are really really cute :D

Once again, thank you The Butterfly Project, Bag of Love, and Delectable Su for having us for the tea party, I had a super duper good time that day!!! I really look forward to more collaborations in the future :)

P/S: post on my review of April's Bag of Love will be up soon!!! stay tuned to this space :D

For more pictures, you can head on over to my FB album *click* Don't forget to like it!! :)



Cindy Tong said...

Awww.. Next time i throw away my heels kay?

ahlost said...

Woooaaahh.. Who cares bout calories when it comes to desserts?? hehehehehe.. any Bag of Love's Unboxing Tea Party in Kuching? :P

Choulyin said...

hahaha i think you throw your heels away also will still be taller than me :p

Choulyin said...

lol i dun think so lo....now only in KL :D

bendan said...

it was fun having you girls that day!! <3