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Elianto Lumino White New Skincare Range

Holla ladies!

How many of you have always had the dilemma of buying whitening skincare products over moisturising skincare products, or even products that will balance out your skin tone? It's always a chore to pick a particular range of skincare products because the products in the market out there are always catered to only one out of the many different needs of our skin. So we are thrown into a dilemma of choosing one over the other, and of deciding which is the most important for our skin.

 BUT, thanks to Elianto, we do not have to choose any longer! Before I go deeper into this latest range of skincare products that was launched last April from Elianto, I want to say a special thank you to Mivva for inviting me to this Blogger's Gathering featuring Elianto

Last April, Elianto launched their new skin care range to cater to the many different needs of our skin. It's latest scientific breakthrough actually targets six important areas our skin needs, which are:
  1. Reducing melanin production
  2. De-stressing
  3. Strengthen skin barrier
  4. Prevent pigmentation
  5. Ultra moisturising
  6. Brightening
I know, some of you might say that whitening products like these will not properly moisturise your face and give your skin the moisture it needs, but I beg to differ. This is because the two main ingredients in this range are Sand Lily, and Vitamin PP (which is actually Vitamin B3) :p

Used for whitening, Sand Lily helps to reduce the size and pirmentation of dark spots, on top of improving uneven skin as well. Vitamin PP (Vitamin B3) is used to brighten the skin and protect it, keeping it well hydrated for long hours, and to control skin blemishes.

Therefore, used together, the Lumino White range will not only whiten your skin and rid it of pigmentation and uneven skin tone, it also keeps your skin well hydrated, giving it the daily moisture it needs.

The best part about about the Lumino White range would be that they are FREE of four harmful ingredients, namely:
  1. Parabens (a preservative that lengthens the life of your make up or skin care)
  2. Phthalates (ingredients that are carcinogenic, and can cause cancer if used in the long run)
  3. SLS and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate, ingredients that creates foam)
  4. Petrochemicals (ingredients that are carcinogenic, and can cause cancer if used in the long run)
Testing it on my left hand, can you see the difference? We only managed to try out the toner and essence, you can see that my left hand looks more moisturised than my right. The skin tone is a little bit lighter, but maybe that's just me :p It's also very easily absorbed, and you can use the Advanced Night Cream as a sleeping mask if you wish

How to use this range?

There are five products in this range, which are the Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Daily Protector, and the Advanced Night Cream

For the day, use it in this order:
Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Daily Protector

For night:
Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Advanced Night Cream

The next product that was featured was the Correction Complete CC Cream :) They come in two ranges, which are: Infinity Youth, and Amazing White.

As you can probably deduce, Infinity Youth (SPF30/PA+++) is targeted for those who want anti-aging properties, and Amazing White (SPF 40/ PA+++) is for whitening purposes.

What I like about these CC Creams is that they do not come in any different colour, but they have little brown flecks in them that will follow the colour of your skin tone when you put them on. Therefore, they are very natural, and will not have a different colour on your skin.

As you can see in the picture above, the top part of my hand is the part that I have rubbed a little of the CC Cream into my hand, and you can see the colour change of the cream.  It looks like a second skin after I finish applying it, and feels very lightweight too!

To illustrate the efficacy of the products shown, Elianto got a model to show us how to use the skincare and prove to us that what she claims is true. The model is of course, non other than the pretty Chenelle Wen :) I didn't have any photos of the demo, cos I used my phone to record the entire thing, so take a look!

An 'after' pic after the demo. As you can see, you can see one part of her face is noticeably matte and brightened, after applying the full range and the CC Amazing White Cream. Do you know which one? :)

 After the entire session, we were treated to tea with layers of delectable treats to fill our tummies :)

This brownie with ice cream was hard to resist as it was really good, bordering on the verge of sinful T.T

 Not only that, we were given a playmate to bring home :) It was so cute I couldn't resist not taking a picture with it :)

 I have christened him 'Toto' :) No, not the Sports Toto that you can see abundantly everywhere, but I took Toto cos Ellie was already taken by Farisha :p

Me and Bendan

It was a great bloggers' day for me, in my opinion, because I met new friends there, and also managed to catch up with old ones!

 Melissa, Bendan (not too sure where she was looking though), Jessica, and me

I really loved this Surprise card from Mivva. I have always loved pop up books and cards, and this is just one more to add to my collection :)

It was a great event for me as I learnt a lot more about my skin and what it really needs. I am also grateful that I went as I do not need to worry over which product to use for my skin care regime as I can finally use the Elianto Lumino White range for a more wholesome experience!

As a token of appreciation to all the bloggers who went, we were each given a goody bag of the entire Lumino White range, and the Amazing White CC Cream!

Once again, thank you so much Mivva for giving me the opportunity to attend this Bloggers' Gathering, featuring Elianto!!!


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