Thursday, July 11, 2013

Event: ChatON Launch at The Butter Factory

Hey guys!

If you're my friend on FB, you would have seen me post pictures of this wonderful app called ChatON, the latest mobile messaging app that can do anything from Group Chat, to Walkie Talkies, Buddy Interaction and much much more. You might think that this is just a normal app pretty much like Whatsapp, but you're not quite right :p You see, ChatON has this super amazing feature that I love, and that's the Anicons!!!! kinda reminds me of MSN, cos they have the cute bunny :p

Two weeks ago, thanks to Samsung Mobile Malaysia and Manoah, I got invited to the official launch of the ChatON app at the Butter Factory. The theme of the night was Orange, befitting the official colour of the app, and everyone came in their fine orange livery. However, I came in purple (T.T) cos I came from work and I was wearing a purple baju to work -.-" Wished I came in orange though, cos there were prizes for the best dressed male and female. The winners got to walk away with a Samsung S3 Mini each!

Credit: Isaac Tan

Credit: Isaac Tan

But no worries about that, we were treated to a complimentary cup of Starbuck's latest Hojicha Frap :p Do you know, that if you add Starbucks Malaysia as a Special Buddy on the ChatON app, you will be entitled to promotions and discounts at any Starbucks stores when you show them the Special Buddy icon on your mobile? Time to add them folks!

Credit: Isaac Tan

How do you do that? Just go to the top right corner of your ChatON app, tap on the 'more' icon, and  tap on 'Special Buddy'. You can then search for StarbucksMY there and add them as a Special Buddy!

At the launch, there were photobooths that we can take silly pictures with, and there was even a special performance whereby a group of ladies decked out in orange danced to PSY's Gentleman!

Managed to get a picture with Charmaine :D

It was an awesome night for me too, cos I managed to catch up with a fellow Synchro buddy of mine, Miss Jillian Ng :p We go waaaaaaaaaaaay back when I was still in Form 5 (and she has just started out in Synchro), and attended competitions for our respective states. Similar to me, she was also in the National Synchro team, but I left before she joined, though we did meet each other in state competitions :) Glad to finally be able to meet up with her again after so long.

Credit: Jaz Khai

All in all, it was a great event, and heartiest congratulations to everyone who won an S3 Mini!!!!

If you have not tried ChatON today, I highly recommend that you try it, because you will just be amazed at all the amazing functionalities in the app :)

Til we meet again next time, Au Revoir!



HenRy Lee said...

chaton lah! Y u no win samsung phone for me!? :P

Kelvin Tan said...

Everytime see chaton. Sien la.

Anne Lee said...

so big and red bow on your head!!