Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: Mivva Box July Edition, My Pamper Kit

Thanks to Mivva, I got my July edition box earlier in the month, but now only managed to carve out a little bit of time to blog about it :p If you've read my blog previously about previous Mivva boxes, you'll know that I will absolutely recommend this box to anyone who is looking to purchase a beauty box. And after receiving the July edition box, I further reinforce my claim that if you are a first time beauty box purchaser, GET THE MIVVA BOX. I promise you, you won't regret it :)

So here's a preview of the third gen Mivva box, a vast improvement from the second batch of boxes, which were a little flimsy. What I like about this design is also that it's elegant and chic, with a black box, hot stamped with silver dots. Me likey :)

Just had to have a close up of the Mivva box logo :)

So what's in this month's Mivva box? You have three full sized products, two deluxe samples, and a free gift! Though the price of the box is only RM38 a month, the approximate price of the products in here actually amount to about RM169. Where else can you get value like that?

 Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturising Skin Toner (RM139.90/ 160ml) and Emulsion (RM139.90/ 160ml)

First up is Somang Danahan Bonyeon Intensive Moisturising Skin Toner and Emulsion. It is the oriental herbal moisturising toner that adds ample moisture to dry skin and keeps skin highly moisturised and emulsion that creates a water cover onto the skin and keeps the skin soft. Contains extract from chrysanthemum Indicum Flower, Cyperus Rotundus Root, Red Ginseng, Hoelen Alba, Angelica Gagas, White Peony Roots, Chuanxiong and Gardenia Seeds which improve blood circulation and enhances skin's natural moisturising function.

Lol so many active ingredients! Makes one wonder if too many cooks spoil the broth. But I have been trying it out for a few days, and I must say, the emulsion is quite good. It is non drying, and absorbs into my skin fairly easily. It does take a while though, but once it's all fully absorbed, it's all good :) The fragrance is nice too!

Elianto Ardour Shadow (RM8/ 2g)

 The next product in the box is Elianto's Ardour Shadow, which is a full sized product btw :) It glides easily on eyes, and provides a soft and smooth texture for a matte finish. It is available in 15 matte shades, and the one I got was Ballet Pink.

For me, I'm not really someone who uses pink much, mostly because my skin tone is dark, and even if I put on a thick layer, it will be quite hard to see. So usually what I do, I will put on my primer, and cover my eyes with a layer of  white shadow. That way, the pink will stand out when I use it, and I usually pair it with purple. At the risk of making my eyes look swollen and red, I use a minimal amount. The end result? I like the matte colour, especially if I use a purple shimmer shadow. The contrast is amazing :D

Just a quick snap of the ingredients and short description at the back of the box. No parabens that I can see, yay!

Re-Gen Oil (RM29.90/ 75ml, RM5.90/ 125ml)

Third, is Re-Gen Oil. Re-Gen Oil contains the active ingredient PCL Liquid, which promotes skin regeneration. Rich in Vitamin A and E, it helps to fight skin ageing by reducing the oxidants in the skin. Alongside its natural ingredients such as Lavender, Calendula, Chamomile and Rosemary Oils, it puts the beauty back, with a special formulation that provides high level of moisture that improves blemished skin and skin with scar tissue.

Personally, I love the texture of the Oil. It's not very oily, like how other oils are, and I have been using it the past few days on my mini scars courtesy of my cat :p It's still too early to tell, but I'll be sure to let you know if this works. Also, one sachet such as that can be used up to three or four, even up to five times! Maybe it's because I use it pretty sparingly, just a few drops on my scars and a little bit more on my stretch marks, but I can assure you, I'm loving it so far :D

Unico Eye Lip Enriched Cream (RM98.80/ 15ml)

Unico Eye Lip Enriched Cream enhances the biological function of the lymphatic system, strengthening the cell metabolism so as to eliminate eye bags, dark eye circles, bulging, puffiness and fine lines, making the facial skin around the eyes firmer and brighter. Specially designed to block cell degeneration by scavenging the free radicals and epidermis mediators that could damage the skin tissue fibres.

I like that the texture is not too watery, and it's sufficient enough to use just a little on your eyes. What I'm concerned about is that it feels a little oily initially, so I'm worried about getting oil seeds from prolonged use. For now, no oil seeds as yet, but I'm keeping an eye out for it. Otherwise, it goes on smoothly, and only a little is sufficient enough for your entire eye area.

 Beautymate Purifying & Hydrating Nano Toner (RM49.90/ 120ml)

Contains ginkgo biloba leaf extract, Hydrolysed Pearl and Glycoproteins. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract helpd to hydrate your skin and facilitate the metabolism which prepared fast absorption of lotion. Formulated with natural mineral of Hydrolysed Pearl to brighten up your skin tone and balance its pH value, it makes your skin soft and smooth. Glycoproteins help to increase the moisture balance in cuticle for us to 15 hours or more.

As a toner, you can use this either with a cotton pad, or just splash it on. For me, I've grown up with using cotton pads, so I usually just pump the toner on to the cotton pad and swipe it over my face. What I like about this bottle is that it's a pump bottle, much more hygienic that way :) It's also non drying, and my face doesn't feel taut after using it.

So there you have it! my super awesome Mivva Box July Edition!!! :) Only a few more days left to order for the August box, so if you liked the contents, I suggest you quickly head over to the Mivva website and sign up! You can sign up through my referral link here *click*

So don't wait, sign up today!!!

Til then, stay beautiful!!



cindy tong said...

Eh dear i check wit mivva they say the unico eye n lip cream can use for lip leh! I use on my lip everyday.. Love it more than lip balm! N i feel tis is not oily at all eh..

Catherine Ang said...

so adorable box!