Monday, July 29, 2013

The Butterfly Project Spa Party Awesomeness

Holla ladies!!!

The Spa party has come and gone, and it was a whole dose of awesome!!! I know, it's awfully late to be posting this up, especially since the event has come and gone in June, and I'm awfully sorry about that >.< Too many pending posts, and work has made it incredibly difficult to blog! But here it is, and I present to you, the Butterfly Project's Spa Party post mortem!


Before I start off, let me first introduce you to this awesome community that I'm a part of, the Butterfly Project. The Butterfly Project is a special online community of beauty & lifestyle bloggers initiated by blogger extraordinaire and Social Media Entrepreneur; Ms. Tammy Lim. For this particular project, 50 beauty bloggers from around the Klang Valley area were treated to the spa of their lives when they attended a spa party specially organised for them!! I have to say, this spa party has definitely made my dream come true :)

Delectable cucumber and tuna 'bruschetta'

Upon registration, we were given a piece of paper, with small cut out 'coupons' for a Manicure, Mask, Massage, Pedicure, and Facial. With these coupons, we were able to pamper ourselves at the enjoyable stations set up around the party area. Facials, masks and pedicures were located downstairs while the massage and facial was one floor up.

Cute mini burgers!!!

Our mamasan giving a short speech, telling us about the mini contests, and what we can do at Posh!

Selfie with ex-colleague Silviana Lim. I would love to say that I was that one that got her started on blogging :p hohoho *perasan mode*

The mask redemption counter, where we can redeem a mask to bring home. I redeemed the collagen mask, worth RM20!! Extremely worth it I tell you :) Apart from that, TT Mask also had a promotion ongoing at that time, where you can buy 1 mask, and you will get another one for free!

Lip Scrubs for sale!!!! This is a non-profit event organised by the Butterfly SWAT Team, so what better way to support them than to purchase these wonderfully made lip scrubs? :)

If you liked PinkNProper's facebook page, you would have seen a mini contest ongoing previously, where they were looking for PinkNProper's Next Top Model :p Lucky me, I was selected to be one of the finalists!!PinkNProper is an online boutique that brings in High Fashion Apparel from the UK. We were selected to parade down the mini runway decked out in clothes from the Spring/ Summer 2013 Collection, together with a sneak peek of the new Prom Collection.I have to say, it was an eye opening experience for me, and I will definitely be blogging about the Behind The Scenes of being a model finalist for sure!

Check out LiChuen and Caroline relaxing while waiting for their massage session :D

The array of nail polish available for us to pick for our manicures and pedicures...I got the dark purple OPI Nail lacquer on my toenails, and I'm still loving it!!!! I got it about one month ago, and until now, it's still long lasting!

Lighthearted moments with the bloggers :) Here's Ben Dan and Chency posing for Ben Dan's camera :)

This here little girl, is the daughter of Posh! Nail Spa's owner :) Such a sweet disposition, she didn't think twice about taking a pic with me. See how sweet she smiles?

As part of the festivities for that day, there were many concurrent mini contests held throughout the four hour party. Bloggers who won the Best Dressed contest walked away with a one-year supply of Johnson’s Body Care products, and one lucky Blogger won the best prize of the day, a 50ml EDT Signorina, all for posting the best spa photo on Instagram! Lucky Draws were held courtesy of Posh! Nail Spa, and, and winners got to bring home varied prizes ranging from Brazilian Waxing, to Eyelash Extensions, Full signature Mani Padis, and full sized cosmetic products!

To quote Tammy, the founder of the Butterfly project, “It was a truly awesome experience organising this Spa Party for the beloved bloggers in our community, and we hope that after this exciting experience, our bloggers will go back and share their party experience on their blogs. This monthly review project stemmed from an interest to bring something meaningful into the lives of the bloggers around me. Slowly, this interest grew into a commitment and a deep-rooted want to bring the best to this community. Rest assured we will continue to organise review projects for our butterfly bloggers, and it will only get better from here.”

Managed to get a pic too with Illy, one of the SWAT members :)

Fotos Fotos Fotos!!!! All thanks to Fotobox Malaysia :D Though I didn't get to bring home much, I managed to get them sent to my email, so that's good enough :) They're now up on my cork board, together with all the other awesome photos taken at other events I've attended!

We not only got the chance to pamper ourselves, we were also given spa goodie bags filled with little trinkets to enjoy further pampering at home thanks to Salvatore Ferragamo, PinkNProper, The Body Shop Malaysia, Johnsons Body Care, and

Special thanks to all the lovely sponsors and collaborators for this ridiculously wonderful event!
  1. The Butterfly Project Malaysia
  2. Posh! Nail Spa
  3. Only Beauty
  4. Havaianas Malaysia
  5. TT Mask Malaysia
  6. Good Friends Cafe
  7. Tres Chic The Party Planner
  8. Aspen Spa Asia
  9. Johnson's Body Care
  10. Fotobox Malaysia
  11. Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums
  12. Pink N' Proper
  13. The Body Shop Malaysia
More pictures of the event can be seen here:

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til then, stay beautiful!



Tammy said...

aww it's not too late! we give 1 month for everyone to write a review ^___^ !!! Super sweet of you to support our sugar scrub table to pay for balloons at the party <3 They're still for sale at Posh! Nail Spa if you love them!

I can feel your excitement and happiness being a part of the ANTM fashion showcase, I was so proud of you when you passby me... at the mini runaway.

Choulyin said...

Thanks Tammy!!!! It was a really awesome event, and I was really super excited to be a part of the ANTM :) Will definitely head over to Posh! when I run out of my lip scrubs :)

Merryn Tan said...

Being pampered like a princess! Nice :)

theglossyallure said...

Babe! You look so gorgeous with the bangs! <3

Choulyin said...

hehehe :D

Choulyin said...

thanks dear :) But it's very hard to maintain though

theglossyallure said...

Oh ok.. But the bangs really suits you great! Haha..
I can never pull of bangs like yours! Always ends up cacat and immediately regret cutting it.. Never again! Haha..

Choulyin said...

haha thanks babe! this is my second time cutting bangs, and maybe i will cut it again, but perhaps after a looooong while :p