Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Blincon Elegance Sapphire Blue Contact Lenses

Hola dearies!

How was your weekend? was it full of relaxation or was it hectic? As I understand it, there were a lot of events happening last Saturday, from the CN Blue concert, to the Heineken Voyage (where my friend won a LEICA camera!!!), the Astro UrMalaysianIsShowing event, argh there are just so many events happening last weekend!!!

I had a happening weekend too, my sister finally graduated and is all grown up! But that will come in another post :) For now I wana tell you about something new in my life that I have had for the past two weeks, and I am loving it!

I am here to tell you about my brand new Contact Lenses from GlassesOnline! I got the Blincon Elegance Sapphire Blue contacts worth RM49 each, and it comes in a pack of two lenses in one box. Each lense is suitable for quarterly wear, which means I can wear it for three months!

Shopping for coloured contacts has never been an easy one as it's hard to find the right shade of colour to suit your face and skin tone. I remember when I started wearing coloured contacts, I had a hard time to search for the right shade of colour for my face. So I decided to wing it and got the Freshlook Colourblends in Amethyst. And I have never looked back. 

Because I have two different degrees, I had to get two boxes each time as they only sell one degree per box. So I have to fork up twice as much money for contact lenses than those who have only one degree (like le bb).

This is how the blister pack looks like, kinda normal like any other contact lenses out there. There are two blister packs in every Blincon Elegance box, so two boxes can last you for six months (assuming  you have different degrees in each eye.

The Blincon Elegance range covers six different colours, as can be seen above. There is Topaz Brown, Sapphire Blue, Olive Green, Cutie Violet, Crystal Grey, and Aquamarine. As I've never really had blue contacts before, I decided to go with Sapphire Blue.

Material: Polyhema (58%)
Water Content: 42%
DK: 16
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter : 14.0mm, *Cyclone Black 14.5mm
Center thickness : 0.06mm at -3.00D
Power:Plano (0.00)
: -0.75 -6.00D (-0.25 steps)
: -6.50 -8.00D (-0.50 steps)
*: -8.50 -10.00D (-0.50 steps)

 This is how the colour looks like against a white backdrop, as you can see it's quite concentrated and if you contrast it against a dark background (like your eyes), it will change to be blue.

So here are some pictures that I took with the lenses that I wore over the course of the two weeks, the first is where I wore them to work. I love how the contacts looks blue, but not too bright that it totally makes my eyes look unnatural.

I wore it again when I went out with my friends to the Escape Room at e@curve a few weekends ago. From far, you can see that I have coloured contacts on, but it doesn't make me look like a ghost. :p

I like how I can just keep my OOTD simple with a white shirt and black belt and the only pop of colour is from my eyes. It brings the attention to your eyes and makes people want to look you in the eyes more :D

Taken in my car under sunlight. This was the day I had to work on a weekend, cos the next day was my client's event. It was a full day thing, and I had my lenses on from 10am to 10pm (or thereabouts). So it's 12 solid hours of wearing these contacts. But the best part is, the lenses don't dry out at all, and are still quite comfortable at the end of the day, unlike my Freshlook lenses, where they get dry and irritated about 8pm. 

Rating: 8/10

Repurchase: Yes

Additional Comments: I would definitely get these again cos I feel they are quite value for money. RM98 for six months is actually quite worth it, instead of other brands where you have to spend approximately RM78 for two months.

Now to try out green lenses!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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Merryn Tan said...

I used to love colored contact lenses too until my eye kena ulcer. Now, I'm not even allowed to wear contact lens :(