Friday, August 23, 2013

Why I want to go to The Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project Malaysia

I've always thought that theme parks in Malaysia were only the ones in Genting, and Sunway Lagoon. Then two years ago over the course of my work, I found out there's a Bukit Gambang theme park in Kuantan, and now, I found out that there's a Lost World in Perak! Seems like Malaysia is also abundant in theme parks in every corner of the peninsular, and not just in KL and Pahang.

Credit: Dan Liew

The Lost World series by Sunway City Ipoh has three locations, which is the Lost World Hotel, Lost World of Tambun, and Lost World Hot Springs and Spa :) The best thing about this is they are ALL within walking distance so you can just stay in the hotel, play at the theme park, and get pampered at the spa. Feeling excited yet? Anticipating a trip there?!? So am I!

Thanks to the Butterfly project, they have a review project coming up for September and it is a two-day one-night (2D1N) trip to The Lost Worlds!!! I am ready to pack my bags and jump on the ETS right now to head there but unfortunately I will have to wait until Sept 22nd (if I do get selected >.<) It promises to be a trip filled with fun in the sun, pampering at night, and gossip sessions until the cows come home! :D

Some of you might be wondering, what's so great about The Lost World's anyway? True, it might be similar to other theme parks that you have been to, BUT this is an opportunity that has presented itself, and SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!!!! So when someone presents you with a window of opportunity, who are we to turn it down? Rezeki yang diberi, janganlah ditolak, kan?:p

So, why would I want to go to the Lost World of Tambun with The Butterfly Project?

Well for starters, the Lost World of Tambun looks absolutely awesomesauce! (term 'awesomesauce' dicetak rompak from Laura's blog :p). I've never been there before and this would be a good time to head there to explore what they have to offer! I hear they have five theme parks, and the picture below gives a pretty good indication of one of the reasons why I wana go:

Any of you guys ever played this before in Genting? This is my favourite ride and they have it in the Lost World of Tambun! I can only ever get to play this when I go up to Genting (which is not very often), so definitely one of my rides when I reach the Lost World will be to ride this :D

The  Lost World of Tambun also has something very interesting to offer for us womenfolk, and that is Spa spa spa!!!!! :D What best way to pamper yourselves than to treat your body to an awesome body massage, and a dip in the hot springs?

Credit: Jiamin

Credit: Asia Web Direct

Check out the pool in the spa...who wouldn't give to take a dip in that pool? Apart from taking a swim, you can also chose the foot spa, steam cave, jacuzzi, geyser, crystal spa, omg there are too many to count! I feel like trying every single one of them one by one!

Lastly, the main reason WHY I WANT TO GO would be simply that I need a holiday :) I can't exactly remember the last time I went somewhere just to chill and relax. The last time I went would probably be around end of last year, when I went to Singapore for le bb's sister's wedding. Even then, that wasn't really considered a holiday as I was working most of the time as well. So yes, I definitely need a holiday.

Look at all these cats standing at attention to welcome you to the Lost World of Tambun....wouldn't you like to say hi to them?

If you're STILL not convinced why the Lost World of Tambun calls to me, check out the image below:

Well, actually my reason is still the spa la :p but other reasons apply too! :p

So pretty please can I go to The Lost World of Tambun? I am packed and all ready to go! :D


Tammy said...

awesomesauce <-- today I learn a new word too.

I need a holiday too and like you say, who can resist that hotsprings! I don't see any hotsprings in KL so the nearest is IPOH!!!! Besides Banjaran's hotsprings.. I wonder how does LWOT's fare?

Charmaine Pua said...

Ahhh too bad I wasn't free everytime Butterfly Project has an event!! *sulks*

Maple SHuh Hong Kok said...

Hi, choulyin tan, looking forward to see u there too! Congratz to be selected =) and I think most of us going there because of the spa too!

Sheila Salim said...

Heyyyyy, nice entry dear. congratulation. you has been selected. so am i. see you there girl :)