Monday, September 23, 2013

Colouring your hair with C.Michael for only RM99!

Holla ladies! Today I'm gonna blog about my experience at C.Michael's hair salon in Bangsar, which I'm sure everyone would have come across at one time or another on Facebook.

When it comes to looking for a hair salon in Bangsar, a lot of people can only remember Number 76, which is not surprising since they have built a loyal following over the years.  But 8 months ago, a new salon opened its doors in Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, and that's C.Michael London. As they're still relatively new, there was not much publicity about them, and they were still spreading their wings, so to speak.

 A few months ago, all facebook was abuzz with the latest offering C.Michael had, whereby you can get a Profesional Cut and Colour worth RM380 for only RM99! This applies to any hair length at no hidden cost, and all the cutting and dyeing are done by their senior stylists, so you know that they've got your back :)

So me being me, I decided to share it on my wall and see if anyone is interested to go with me on this, and yay my ex-classmate decided to take advantage of it as well, so we called them up and proceeded to make a booking to cut and colour our hair :)

I had just come from the BCL workshop, so I was all dolled up, though my hair was quite oily as I didn't manage to wash it before I went :p

This here behind me is my stylist, Mr. Deric :) He's quite a nice person to talk to, very personable, and easygoing. He knew exactly what I wanted when I told him the colour combination that I was looking for. Since I didn't want to cut my hair any shorter and just wanted a trim, he just went ahead with colouring my hair first.

This was one of the pictures I uploaded onto Insta, cos I don't always use this :p In real life, it kinda looks like a soccer ball with the black areas cut out. I'm not sure exactly what it does, but it emits hot air, which I presume will quicken the chemical process in the dye, making it react faster. Felt like I was in a real and proper salon when they put this on me :p

So what colour do you think I got? I got a mixture of two colours, which is a cross between WB-7R (top) and WB-5RB (bottom). I told Deric I wanted a reddish brown colour without being too red, and he came up with this mixture for me. 

Ready to see how my hair turned out?

Tadaa!!! :D I loved that the colours came out so beautifully :) It's brown with a red undertone, and is  not too strikingly bright that it hurts the eyes. I think perhaps they overdid the brown dye when they did my roots cos it looked like the top of my head was a little browner than the other parts of my hair, but on second thought, it actually looks quite nice, with a gradient of brown :)

Personally, if I want to redye my hair, I would most probably go back to C.Michael. I love the environment and atmosphere there, and I love how professional they are :)

C.Michael has their own salon products as well, like any other salons. The good thing is, they have two ranges, the professional, and consumer range. The professional range is catered to salons and business owners, whereas the consumer range is catered to people just like us :D

So do you like the colour of my hair? When I was there I think everyone was taking advantage of the RM99 as I saw almost everyone there was dyeing their hair. However, just a note to those who are intersted, C.Michael only provides hair dyeing services, and no dip dye or ombre at the moment, but please do not hesitate to head to the salon to speak to their hair professionals, and you all can work together to see how it will work for you.

The promotion is up from now until the end of September, so try to give them a call to see if the promo is still ongoing :) They might have a slot that they can fit you in :)

20, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10am to 8pm daily, closed on Mondays
Tel: 03-2201 3673

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



JMei said...

nice hair color :)

Caroline May Ling said...

Ahh i saw this on Facebook too but quite hesitate to go for it. >.< but yes, i love ur hair color now! <3

Sharon said...

i saw this deal too!!! and the new colour suit u so well babe! :)