Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pour the Perfect Pint and you Could win a Trip to Amsterdam

Hey guys, how's the week been treating you thus far? Perhaps it's time to chill in the middle of the week with a pint of Heineken? :p

Do you know that like all important things in our lives, beer needs protection too? That was why some bloggers were invited to the Heineken Star Serve one Friday night and were given a chance to attend a workshop with Keith Nair, one of the three Heineken Draught Masters in Malaysia, who also happens to be GAB's Professional Solutions Manager.

The only reason for ordering a second beer is the quality of the first, and the experts at Heineken go to great lengths to ensure that every pint of beer you order here or anywhere around the world reflects the same excellence that makes it the world's Number 1 International Premium Beer.

So what is the classic Heineken drinking experience? It all lies in the Heineken Pouring Ritual. Only five steps is needed to deliver the perfectly served Heineken draught beer for the quality Heineken drinking experience.

The five steps to Perfection: Rinse, Pour, Skim, Check, and Serve

Mr. Keith Nair showing us how to pour the perfect pint

Although there are only five simple steps, mastering the art of pouring the perfect pint takes more than just a few tries. As the old adage does, Practice Makes Perfect. Even bartenders all over Malaysia have to go through a comprehensive training process that not only hones their pouring skills, but grooms them to be stars in the hospitality industry.

That night, all us bloggers had a hand in trying out the bar, in an effort to pour the perfect pint.  The prize? a crate of Heineken to take home and to enjoy at your leisure :D

Some of us managed to pour the perfect pint

While some of us failed miserably. :p

But one thing was for sure, we all had a lot of fun that night. It was a time of camaraderie and chillax :)

Want to try your hand at serving the perfect pint? Look no further! You can try it out in the comfort of your own home, you can learn how to pour and serve a perfect Heineken pint with the Heineken Star Serve Facebook App.

The Heineken StarServe Facebook App lets you vitrually learn how to perform the five steps in the Heineken pouring ritual while putting their beer knowledge to the test in a pop quiz.

So do you have what it takes to serve the perfect pint of Heineken?

Step 1: Rinse - prepare a clean glass

Step 2: Pour - Tip the glass to a 45 degree angle, and turn on the beer tap. Pour everything in one single motion, and straighten the glass when it's about 3/4 full, then fill it until it's full.

Step 3: Skim - Place the glass on a drip tray and using a wet spatula, skim the top of the foam

Step 4: Check - When the bottom of the head sits on the Star's horizon, your Heineken Beer has been poured to perfection :)  The foam should be two fingers thick,  with a little bit of a dome.

Step 5: Serve - Serve the beer with the Heineken logo facing the customer on a Heineken coaster.

I've got 71.17%, can you beat that? 

The best part is, the Top 8 virtual pourers in the app will receive an exclusive invite to a physical pour off in the National Finals of the Heineken Star Serve competition. The prize? An all expense paid trip to join the winning bartender in Amsterdam and witness the Heineken Global Bartender Finals in November!

 There's Ben with his pint of Heineken :P a little too much foam, but I don't think he minds :p

After our great big pour off, while the judges were  deliberating the scores, we were brought out to the GAB bus, where it's fully enclosed, and you have a choice of Kilkenny, Tiger, Guinness, or Heineken on board :)

Check out all the happy faces after having their pint of Heineken.

At last, the results were announced and the winners walked away with a crate of Heineken each! They are Samuel, Zana, YY, Frankie, Evelyn, and Simon!! Congratulations guys!!!

A very sincere thank you to Mr. Keith Nair for teaching us how to pour the perfect pint of Heineken via the Heineken Pouring Ritual.

Thanks to Keith, I brought home an extra pin on top of the 'Certified Pourer' pin that was given to everyone that night. As I was called up in the beginning to be the guinea pig and to pour a pint or two of the awesome Heineken draught, Keith rewarded me with the 'Draught Master' pin, only three in Malaysia, and thirty in the World! Some awesome stuff aye? Another limited edition pin to add to my collection :)

Came home and camwhored with the Heineken Draught Master pin, I'm very sure Mr. Ivan Chan is halfway around KL right now cursing me as he reads this post :p

The perfect pint

So do you have what it takes to be a Draught Master? Try out the Facebook Heineken StarServe App and see for yourself!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



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