Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Brought Out my Inner Kawaii-ness at the BCL Workshop

Holla dearies :)

It's the third day of the week, and it's slowly coming to an end. Thursday is coming, but you don't have to wait long before the long weekend arrives! It was a super hectic weekend last week with three days of party in a row!!! There was We Love Asia on Friday and Saturday, and MTV World Stage on Sunday! All these party events are in the evening, so I would bet most of you slept in on Saturday and Sunday during the day so you can party all night! :p

On the contrary, I guess most of you would be surprised to hear that I did not attend each one of these events >.< I was down with a bit of flu and cough, so I thought it best not to head out to party too hard :p

Look at the array of products! *starry eyed*

But even though I was sick, I was determined to head over to Mandom's office for the exclusive BCL Kawaii  Make Up Workshop organised for us by the wonderful folks at Mandom and Manoah! They had specially flew in a Make Up Artist from Japan, who has had over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry making up celebrities and giving out workshops!

It was a day filled with fun and entertainment with the Japanese folks around, it almost seemed like we were watching a live drama show!

In Japan, there are four types of girls, which are the Shibuya girl (Cool & Confident), Harajuku girl (Pop & Sweet), Akihabara girl (Dolly & Natural), and the Yokohama girl (Fairy & Elegant)

That day, our MUA showed us how to make up like the Cool and Confident girl, the Shibuya girl

Before we started the session, our MUA, Mr. Tanabe prepped our model's face with a make up base and loose powder while the rest of us bloggers snapped away at the array of products available on our table. We were very busy bees for that particular 15 minutes!

So before we came for the workshop, we were requested to come bare faced so that we could try out the products for ourselves. My session was in the morning, so please forgive this blur just-woke-up face of mine >.< Even the smile doesn't seem like much of a smile :p

First up, we were encouraged to try their Clear Last Face Powder, featuring Peach John. I love the packaging very much, it really looks very feminine! There are two colour ranges for this particular product, which is Mat Ocher (pink) and Shiro-Hada Ocher (black). The Pink one has a more matte finish and has a darker colour for dark skin tones. Those with fair skin tones can opt to use the Shiro-Hada Ocher, which also has a more shimmery finish.

I so love the puff. It's so furry and wooly, kinda reminds me of a wooly mammoth :p lol don't ask me how that came into my head.

So how to apply the powder? You get a little of the product on the puff, and then slowly dab it all across your face. After you've fully covered your face with the product, run the puff over your face once more in a circular motion to ensure that you smooth out the powder flakes, and create that airbrush effect. I like how the powder glides on smoothly, and covers up my pores :D

Browlash EX Water Strong Eyebrow

After the face powder the next product is the Browlash EX Water Strong Eyebrow. It comes in two colours, Natural Brown (top) and Grayish Brown (bottom). Usually for eyebrows, I don't find many cosmetic brands out there carrying black brow liners. Mainly because your eyebrows should be a shade lighter than your hair, so there will not be any brand that will have black brow pencils. Grayish black maybe, but not black. There are two types of applicators on the stick, which are liquid and pencil.

The swatch doesn't look that noticeable here, maybe cos it's still new, so it needed a little bit of time to break in. The top line is the Natural Brown, liquid and pencil type. The second line is Grayish Brown, liquid and pencil. I tried on the Grayish Brown, cos I've always liked my brows to be a little darker so that they frame my face nicely. Furthermore, my hair colour is dark, so it suited me.

So how to draw your brows beautifully? According to Mr. Tanabe, you should draw from the mountaintops to the outside before defining the 'uphill' slope in the inner part of your brows. lol I don't even know if that makes sense.

Take for example, if you are drawing your right eyebrow, when you look into the mirror, your eyebrows should ideally be shaped like an upside down V. So you start from the top of the V, and draw down the right side first, before drawing down to the left.

Do not draw in a long fluid movement, but slow and precise strokes so that you can slowly see the definition clearer.

Oh and did I mention that it was a fun workshop? Our MUA actually went around the room helping some of us to draw our eyebrows.

Check out the difference!

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow

Next up, we have the eyeshadow, the Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow which comes in Bronze Brown (pink), and Light Brown (Green).

Swatches of the two colours, top is Bronze Brown, and bottom is Light Brown. I like how the colours are shimmery, and not too dark or too light, perfect for everyday wear. Because these colours are in pencil form and are the creamy powdery type, you can easily bring it around in y our purse for a quick touchup without having to bring a separate brush. All you need to do is apply a little on the outer corners of your eyes and smudge it a little to give it the 3D effect and smokey look.

Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner

To line our eyes, we have the Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner. The goodness of a gel liner, in pencil form! You will have to be careful when you twist the tip to get the gel liner out, as it is a non-retractable tip. So only screw up the amount that you need, and not more. The gel liner comes in two colours, Jet Black, and Deep Brown.

Swatch in Jet Black (top) and Deep Brown (bottom)

I feel that I must say something about the gel liners. THEY ARE WATERPROOF. It's even hard to remove them with make up remover! After I did this swatch, I tried to remove it with the Bifesta remover that they provided, and it was so hard to remove! I showed Jolie my hand after I rubbed it off, there was a distinct red mark on my hand. It made me a little apprehensive to try it out cos I didn't want to rub my eyes raw to remove it,, but curiosity got the better of me.

I dabbed a little of the brown gel liner on the bottom rims of my eyes, and the wonderful thing about it is that it doesn't smudge once it sets :) Removing it at the end of the day was not as bad as I thought it would be, as it removed pretty easily. Perhaps I was a little too hard on the gel liners in the beginning :p

Top to bottom:
Browlash EX Water Strong Pencil Liner (Brown)
Browlash EX Water Strong Pencil Liner (Black)
Browlash EX Water Strong Liquid Liner (Black)
Liquid Eyeliner

Now for the second step of lining our eyes. I know you must be wondering why must we use two eyeliners instead of one? As the girl that the MUA is demonstrating is the Cool and Confident girl, the look has to be classy and elegant, thus smokey eyes and dark liners are the trend for this look. Girls synonymous with this look has very distinct dark, sharp, and impressive liners.

So, we got to try all these liners as add-ons! What the MUA recommended for us is the Liquid liner (with the silver cap), just to line the outer
corners of the eyes and create the cat-eye effect to make your eyes stand out.

Swatches on my hand. The top two are the pencil liners in brown, and black. The third line is the Browlash liquid liner (with the felt tip), and the last is the liquid liner (small precise tip).

For beginners out there, I would suggest that you use the felt tip liner first, before trying your hand at the small precise tip liner.

Lash Sculpture, Volume Lash Fibre, Lash Curler Express

As a finishing touch to the eyes, it is time to create the curtains for your windows (to the soul). For the Shibuya lady, lashes are what creates the cool and confident effect. So we start of with the Volume Lash Fibre, Lash Curler Express, and finish with the Lash Sculpture.

The Volume Lash Fibre has the ability to create 200% more volume to your lashes, making them fuller and more prominent. Check out those mini fibres on the mascara wand.

The Lash Curler Express has special ingredients that can curl your lashes without the use of eyelash curlers! Just brush the wand through your lashes, and hold it there with the lashes pushed up for about three seconds each time. You will then be able to see the definite curl of the lashes, I guarantee you that, cos I've seen it for myself :)

Lastly, the Lash Sculpture, which has a comb-like wand, capable of separating your lashes, enabling them to look fuller and not clumped together.

Mr. Tanabe showed us how it's done on Yeeing, and you can definitely see the difference in the before (bottom) and after (top) pictures.

After a long morning of explaining to us the beauty tricks and tips every girl wants to know, he showed us the finished product of our model. Can you see the difference? I know I can :)

Makemania Essence Rouge Gloss (Strawberry Red)

As a follow up to our beauty workshop, we were given a few samples to try, and one of it was the Makemania Essence Rouge Gloss. This product is not yet available in Malaysia, but when they bring it in, it will be available in three varieties, Strawberry Red, Peach Orange, and Cherry Pink :)

I'm not kidding, it really smells like strawberries and tastes like one too!

Another sample we got to try was the PureGlam Blush, also not available in Malaysia at the moment.

PureGlam Blush (Orange), also available in pink tones

In the palette itself, there are four colours. So how you use the blush is to mix all the colours together to get a harmonious blend of colours, after which you dust off the excess and apply on the apples of your cheeks. To highlight your nose, use the two lightest colours.

and voila! this is how I look like over the make over :) Different much?

After a long and tiring day with make up on, the Tsururi Ghassoul Paste Salt Scrub comes to the rescue! The beads in the scrub are gentle enough for you to use everyday (for oily prone skin), or every week (sensitive skin).

You can use it as a double cleanser after you remove your make up, or you can use it as a make up remover to remove simple and natural make up.

It glides on smoothly on the skin, and I could feel the little beads exfoliating the dead skin off my hands. After I rubbed off the scrub, my hand feels much softer, and smoother to the touch :)

Selca with Yeeing :)

Before we all left for the day, we had to take the customary group picture :) It was a pretty small group that morning, but it was fun getting to know the other bloggers and engaging with the MUA more personally.

I can't resist taking a photo of the MUA's make up trove. It really folds up into a luggage bag! Wow, I wish I can have a whole make up luggage bag full of makeup products :D

Do keep a lookout for the BCL booths in SaSa stores near you!

Another selca of me holding the ClearLast Powder :) It really smells like peach! Hope you guys loved my detailed post as much as I loved writing all of it for you :) Which product would you like to try the most? leave your thoughts in the comments section below! :)

Before I end this post, please like BCL Malaysia's FB page, follow them on Twitter, and also on Instagram. When you speak of their products, please don't forget to hashtag their official hashtag, #BCLMalaysia! :)

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



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The colour of the scrub is so special!

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Choulyin said...

haha yea, morning session only got 10 people, he got more time to go to each one and help them make up :D

Jolie said...

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