Saturday, September 07, 2013

Review: Polka Dot by Splassh

Good morning babes :)

How has your workweek been so far? Any plans for the weekend? :) For me it's hectic as ever, attending events and We Love Asia is tonight! How stoked are you guys about that???

So in preparation for We Love Asia, apart from getting your make up done and selecting the right party outfit, why not paint your nails for the occasion? Today I'm going to review Polka Dot by Splassh, a new nail polish range that's available at all SaSa outlets :)

Polka Dot by Splassh is a new nail polish range that's available in SaSa (RM7.90) and Parkson (RM8.90) outlets, and surprisingly, I couldn't find much information online about this particular nail polish. As is with all nail polishes, this is made in China, and comes in 60 colours. The one I got is number 40, and as you can see from the bottle is metallic blue in colour. It's quite a bright blue, but there are little flecks of metallic reflected in there to make it a metallic sheen.

The ingredient list :)

When I apply my nail polish, I usually start by painting a strip down the middle, then the sides, and another one down the middle to settle any extra nail polish that may have been pushed back to the middle. After I apply them, I usually let them air dry for about 10 mins before I paint a layer of top coat on top of them. This ensures my nail polish lasts a little longer.

Tip: Even though the top of your nails are already dry to the touch, usually the bottom part closest to the nail will take about one-hour to dry,  so don't do any heavy lifting while you're waiting for the bottom nails to dry, else you will scratch it and will need to redo everything.

If you loved this colour, I daresay you would love all the other colours in this collection! there are over 60 colours to choose from!

Rating: 6/10

Repurchase: Maybe

Last Comments: While I love the colours available in this collection, I feel that a price of RM7.90 at SaSa might be a little high for a relatively unknown brand. Other places like The Face Shop and Elianto are only selling their nail polishes form RM5.90, which is RM2 lower than Polka Dots.

Polka Dot by Splassh is available at all SaSa outlets for RM7.90 apiece, and Parkson outlets at RM8.90 apiece.

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Ami Schaheera said...

nice color!

hildamilda said...

Love the shade (:

Choulyin said...

thanks babe! i'm quite glad it's a colour that I can wear everyday :)

Choulyin said...

it's nice kan? :)

Sharon said...

I like the colour!! maybe i will look for this colour from the face shop then! :)

Choulyin said...

haha babe, it's available in SaSa, not face shop >.<

Sharon said...

haha maybe face shop ada this colour lehh! maybe can get it in cheaper price =P

Choulyin said...

hahaha true also :P but someone told me that face shop increase price to 6.90 already...but still lower than this :p haha

Ana Jonessy said...

Aaah I love the subtle metallic effect! x