Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Horror Spirits is Back to Haunt You

Halloween Horror Spirits is back, and it's happening only for a few exclusive days, so be sure to head over to Genting these few days to experience it!

In the ghoulish month of October, Halloween Horror Spirits is back bigger and scarier than ever before, for only five nights! on, 19 October (Media preview included), and 24-27 October 2013.

As the Genting Theme Park reopens its doors, they reveal five horror attractions, all touching on different aspects of horror, from childlike hauntings to demons and zombies. I will try to keep the photos to a minimum as I don't want to spoil the fun for you :p

It was my first time going for their Halloween preview, so I was quite excited to see what Genting had in store for us. After a well fed dinner, we were ushered to the Theme Park where we were given a first hand view of what was in store for us.

A quick group photo of some of the bloggers who went for the Halloween event. I was the designated photographer between le bb and I, so you wouldn't see me in most of the pics whereas he will be in most everyone :P

First, we walked through a lane where there were drawings on the wall (Sinister inspired), with songs playing from Mama. It was quite creepy, especially when we were faced with signs that told us to keep going, and not look back.

*side track* I wonder how long it took them to paint the walls like this, and I can tell, the staff sure had an awesome time doing it.

the Haunted Playground.

Legends have passed through the years that the playground was once a fun place to visit until criminal cases take place. Tell yourselves that the shivers down your spice, and the goosebumps popping all over your body is due to the cold, but deep down you know its because of all the eerie laughing and clapping where there is seemingly no one in sight.

The Annabelle doll from the Conjuring. Le bb doing what he does best -.-"

If you want to play in this playground, then you better adhere to the Rules and Regulations as stipulated in the playground.

Prison Freak

Test your mettle in this fortress of notorius criminals. Only the creepiest beings are incarcerated. They are allowed to roam and lurk in the dark spaces, and as you step into their surroundings, be reminded that horrors lurk behind every corner.

The City of Walkers

This is a deserted town decimated by a catastrophic plague and occupied by mutated, vampire link beings awaits. But enter at your own risk, because once the walkers prey on you, there is almost no chance of escape.

Captioned off bb: "Too bad I'm outside" LOL

It was a pretty good place to walkabout, as there were many different types of zombies walking around, there was a mom carrying a baby which has been ripped out of her womb, a prisoner dragging part of a hand, a decapitated zombie carrying his head, and many more.

At staggered intervals, there was also a stage show and some running around by the zombies as they acted out a sketch. It was pretty interesting :)

Old Shanghai and the Chinese Horror Village

Taking you to circe 1930s, meet twisted hawkers peddling cursed wares and the undead hopping by, searching for fresh meat where they can find it. Behind this city steeped in history, tradition and timeless charm, lives a story that you'd wish remained untold.

There was another place that I didn't manage to edit the photos for, and that place is the "Kisah Rumah Puaka" where it's a ghostly abode once inhabited by a family possesed by evil spirits. One stormy night, dark forces spread through the entire kampung, leaving many unsolved mysteries.

selfie with le bb

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a preview of Genting's Halloween Horror Spirits happening this year. Personally, I felt it was pretty well done, and the 'remains' from the theme park adds a very scary and nice touch to the overall feel of the Halloween spirit. Make sure you head over to Genting to experience it for yourself!

Further details of the event are as below:

Admission: only valid for those aged 13 and above
Entrance fee: RM45 per person

Special rate for Genting Rewards Card Members Theme Park Annual Passport WorldCard members, wristband holders of First World Indoor Theme Park One Day Unlimited Passes on event day will get to enjoy a discounted rate of RM38 per person.

You can also get your tickets at a special RM35 rate via the iHoliday online booking portal.

For more details, call 03-6101 1118, or visit

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Radha Krishnakumar said...

Oh My such a horror place :D

Mindy said...

Thx for dropping a comment in our blog, dear :). I love this post as i am a huge horror fan! I've been to Genting countless times, and i can safely say that their "haunted house" is one of the scariest i've ever been to (and i've been to many!), to a point that i made me cry when i got out (my then bf-now hubby-went in just the two of us and the "ghosts" had too much fun scaring me) hahaha

Choulyin said...

yes it is!!! but it was awesome! :D

Choulyin said...

me too!!! sadly it's closed now :( but when they reopen it will be even more awesome cos it will be 20th Century Fox theme!