Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Body Shop Sale 2013 is back!

Yup, you heard it right :) The Body Shop Sale for 2013 is back, with more discounts, from 50%, up to 70%!! It was a good thing that I was at Mid Valley today with my family, and found out about it, otherwise I would have lost out on awesome products that were going for up to 70% off!

When I arrived at the shop entrance, it was a frenzy! There were so many people squeezed in the little lot, that I was almost put off my the crowd. But determinedly, I pushed my way in, and heaven greeted me :p

Pic taken from bb's insta...cos I was too busy shopping, I didn't snap any pics :p

Truth be told, there were not a lot of things on sale, but it was really my good fortune that what I wanted was. So what did I get?

Japanese Cherry Blossom EDT 50ml, RM79.00 RM39.50

I got one of my favourite scents from TBS. It was something that I have always wanted but could never justify spending RM79 on for only 50ml, so when I saw this going for 50%, I immediately pounced on it and didn't let go!

Cranberry Joy Room & Linen Spray 100ml, RM49.00 RM24.50

This was part of their Christmas collection last year, so I can understand why it was on sale. They had to clear stock before they could bring in this year's collection :) I love the smell, especially cos it's cranberry :) When I got home, I sprayed it all over the house, and it smells utterly delightful!

Born Lippy Guava Lip Balm 10ml, RM19.00 RM9.50

This is one of the more worth it products they have on sale, but unfortunately only the Guava flavour :/ Anyhow, it smells and tastes awesome, so I'm not complaining :) Got two of this, one of which I gave to my sister cos she liked it too :)

 Raspberry Body Butter 200ml, RM59.90 RM18.00

Selected Body Butters were going at 70%, so when I saw this I grabbed it up :) I tried their Satsuma Body Butter before, and I loved the texture, so I decided to get another Body Butter for my stash. It was a tie between raspberry and blueberry, but I decided on this as le bb said this one smells nicer :)

Yes, I noticed that my products are all either pink or red :p

So there you have it, what I got at the sale today :) I daresay I will go back there again soon to repurchase some items and to browse a little more as I didn't have enough time earlier :p

The sale started today (18 October) and will last all the way to 7th November, so if you're anywhere there's a Body Shop store, head there and see what bargain you can find!

Oh yes before I forget, if you want to get more than two of the same products, I think you have to be a "Love Your Body Club" member. I'm not sure if it applies only to certain items, or all of them, so please check with the staff on duty when you browse :)

Happy shopping!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Nikki Ooi said...

I think I want that raspberry body butter too! Hope the expiry date is still far away.

Camy said...

everything so cheap! :D

LauraLeia said...

OMG The cherry blossom!! I've never seen it discounted more than 20% before. Hopefully still can grab this week >__<

Choulyin said...

When I took it there were still ALOT of bottles left! So can go try your luck :D

Choulyin said...

yup! I was very lucky that the things I wanted were so heavily discounted! :)

Choulyin said...

The one on mine is manufactured in Sept 2012, so a three year shelf life would mean it expires on Sept 2015 :) Definitely quite far away :D

Nikki Ooi said...

Oh dear....your answer=BUY

hildamilda said...

Shall drop by TBS tomorrow! Thanks for sharing :D

illy ariffin said...

i saw so many people outside TBP at one utama yesterday. Skip the cue bought online :P

Sharon said...

omg!!! cherry blossoms my fav too and it's so cheap!!!!! need to visit there asap! :P

Shannon Chow said...

It's like "People Mountain, People Sea" in the shop xD