Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Unveiling your Inner Beauty with Imedeen

Hey guys, how has the weekend been for everyone? Hope it was a restful one for all of you :)

For me, it was half and half, but that's usually how it is, so can't complain :p If you recall three months ago, I wrote about IMEDEEN® tablets, and how I'm gonna try them out for three months to see if it's really all they mentioned they are, and more.

So it's already the end of three months, and I am here to give you my verdict :)

This is how the Imedeen packets look like in the packaging, there are four blister packs, with 15 tablets on each blister pack. So altogether there are 60 pills in one box, which can last you for one month, considering you take them religiously. Two pills a day, one in the morning, and one at night.

If you're wondering how the tablet looks like, I've taken one for your consideration :p

 And now for the moment I bare my face to all of you >.<

Forgive the super noob face!!!!! I have to admit, I was seriously contemplating whether or not to upload this particular pic of mine so I was searching for another more decent looking one...but seems that this is the most decent looking one :p had to take this pic by myself and with my eyes closed! Obviously I have not mastered the art of selfies with my eyes closed yet :( Adding on to that, I'm not lucky enough to have someone help me take flattering photos of me (boo hoo) with my eyes closed, so this will do.

But I digress. Back to Imedeen :p As you can see, my face has red patches and uneven skin tone all around my pores are enlarged (due to my face lacking moisture, according to my facial-ist :p), and generally just something that I would not want to go out looking like without BB Cream or face powder on.

So...who's ready for my 'after' pic?

*Note: all pictures are unedited except to add in the watermark*

So what do you all think? Is the difference obvious to you? For starters, I think it's a much nicer picture of me taking my selfie shot on my own after three month's practice :p

Secondly, I like how my red patches are gone, and my overall appearance is now more even. It's quite good that I can even go out without BB cream or foundation on!  Can't say much for the pores though, but my skin definitely looks clearer now, and it's all thanks to Imedeen! I definitely feel that I have unveiled my inner beauty, and that has also added on to my confidence level!

So what say you? Is it effective? Definitely a big yes!

Verdict: 8/10. I really like products that deliver, and this is one of them. Though the price might be a little too steep for those who can't afford to spend much, me included. But if you're interested in taking them for just three months (trust me you can see visible results), you only need to spend RM564 for three boxes.

Repurchase: Maybe. I will need to see how to manage my finances first, but if I can arrange them accordingly, I definitely will! >.<

Price: RM188 for a box of 60 tablets, which can last up to one month.

So anyone of you interested in getting Imedeen? do let me know in the comments box below!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Kelvin Tan said...

I'll have nightmares on the pic. D:
LOL. Yup, real big improvement

Cutebun said...

Wah good le. Price is steep. =D

Choulyin said...

yea...a bit ex la, but it works, so it's worth it lo

Choulyin said...

hahaha sorry I scared you! >.< :p