Saturday, December 21, 2013

Etude House Mini Haul

Hey guys, let me just ask you a quick question. Have you guys ever wanted to get your hands on some cosmetic or skincare product that have been highly reviewed and raved about by everyone but just couldn't bring yourself to part with your money cos it's too expensive?

Come join in the boat as I am one of those people :p I have always heard praises sung about Etude House products, but whenever I looked at the price tag, I could never bring myself to spend that amount of money on those products.

What do you think is inside this little bag from Etude House?

But when my colleague announced that she was going to Taiwan for a holiday, I quickly pounced on the opportunity because I know that it will not come knocking twice! I immediately gave her a list of what I wanted from Etude House and when she was away, kept hoping that I would be able to get the products I wanted. :p Why did I do that? cos I have heard that Korean brand products are really cheaper than in Malaysia, so I thought, why not?

I went on an Etude House spree......

I gave her a list of only four items that I wanted from Etude House, and this is what she came back with!!!!!!

The four requested items from EH Taiwan (from left):

1. & Rose Flowering Eyes
2. Precious Mineral Any Cushion
3. Collagen Moistfull Water Filler
4. Eraser Show Mascara Cleaner

For the first three products, I have heard great reviews about them but I never purchased them yet, so I took the opportunity to pass it to her to get her to help me buy them. The Eraser Show Mascara Cleaner I have used on occasion, but couldn't find it any more in the boutiques that I went to, so I decided to try my luck and see if they had it in Taiwan :)

So what additional goodies did she bring back for me from EH Taiwan? From left to right:

Back row
1. Bath loofah
2. Collagen Moistfull travel set which has the Essence, soothing cream, and eye cream
3. Brush cleaner
4. Mini sized Precious Mineral Any Cushion
5. Precious Mineral Any Cushion refill
6. Precious Mineral Any Cushion puff
7. Eye mask (back)

Middle row
8. Oodles of BB cream samples

Front row
9. Facial wash and face cream samples
10. Shiny Christmas 2013 facial band

The best part? All of these stuff costed only RM350. If I were to get these products in Malaysia, the total would come up to RM500. I saved RM150 for these products, and I even got more samples and extra goodies! Personally I don't even think the local EH boutiques will give you this much samples and freebies, but to be fair I have not purchased anything from the local boutiques, so if you have and if they have also given you guys this many freebies, please correct me if I'm wrong :)

So which product do you want me to review first? Let me know in the comments section below! :)

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Amirah 'Izzah Mohd Najib said...

heyy that mini any cushion is cute!! I have purchased from local EH during the B1F1 period and if you wanna know, they give only 2 sachet samples per purchase :) but i heard that if you can pujuk them and be very nice, you can request many samples :p

Choulyin said...

IKR!!! I was quite surprised when she gave me the entire plastic bag, I still asked her whether she accidentally gave me all that stuff and forgot to take out her own stuff or not >.<

Choulyin said...

really? abit sad right only get two sample sachets...haha maybe next time if go buy then we can pujuk pujuk laugh laugh with them first :p hehehe

Charmaine Pua said...

Precious Mineral Any Cushion! So are those additional stuffs free? :)

Sol Felice Alvarado said...

Reading a lot about Etude House recently. Nice haul! :)

Wendy Pua said...

the Bath loofah is so cute!

Abigail said...

Precious Mineral Any Cushion!!! Love to see that, and please show me the MINI version one too babe, super curious to see how cute it looks like! Love your haul and glad that you save so much!

Caroline May Ling said...

The Rose palette is really to die for! I've been contemplating to get it or not but ended up give it a go cz I have too many makeup palette dy. :( hahaha even in Korea, that out of stock already. not sure if they have restocked it already.

Mizu said...

I also owned the &Rose palette..yeayyy~~!
I'm a huuuuugeeee Etude House fan but guess what, I rarely stepped into Etude House malaysia because the price is ridiculously expensive. Not even worth it when the exact price in Korea is like 3x times lower and no samples given if you bought only a few products. Sometimes when they had sales, i did spent a lot and I'll ask for samples and they did give some(depends on which outlet you go, KL outlets are not generous at all! The last time I drop by Ipoh outlet, they really give a lot of samples.)

So I mostly shop online for the products or I'll ask my friend in Korea instead to buy them for me. The samples can't even comparable to the actual buys..My friend even said if you walked in front of their stores, they'll passed the samples even if you don't buy anything so if she walks a lot passing the stores, it can be accumulated as one full size

Suquan Kon said...

same same. i only buy EH product when they have buy 1 free if nt i will stock my things up when i visit korea. The price here is just way too exp. sigh! cnt wiat to see ur review on the pallete!