Monday, December 16, 2013

Kinohimitsu Luau Party: A taste of Hawaii

Ever wondered how Hawaii was like? Ever felt jealous because some people you know went to Hawaii and you couldn't go? Lucky for me, I got a chance to experience how Hawaii was like thanks to Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project! :D

The Hawaiian Luau party was held in the heart of KL City, in one of the most relaxing spas in town, the Vila Manja Spa. Even though it was smack right in the middle of the city centre, you could barely hear the sound of the traffic. It was serene and the only sounds to be heard that night was the squeals of delight from the other 49 Butterflies, and the calming flow of the fountain.

The night started off with some games specially created for us. One of them was a Group challenge  where you had to work together to fill a bottle with water. The fastest team wins! There were five sets in total, and happy to say that my group won in our set! :D

As it turns out, there was actually a lesson to be learnt behind the activity, and that is how our absorption rate is affected by the free rads in our body. The villi in our intentines absorb better when clean (like the towel, with a higher surface area), rather than when dirty or clogged (the sponge with a smaller surface area). Therefore by taking the Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio Booster, you can easily absorb the nutrients into your body, hence having a healthier you!

Other activities that night was the spin and win section where we could try our luck by spinning the 'Wheel of Fortune". There were so many prizes up to be won that night, and a few lucky butterflies managed to get their hands on a treatment package at the Vila Manja Spa! I wasn't so lucky, but I did manage to win myself a small bladeless fan courtesy of Kinohimitsu, so now it's on my desktop blowing wind at my laptop :p hehehe

See all those empty glasses? Welll, they are about to be topped up with the Kinomihitsu J'pan Beauty  Drink that helps to remove wrinkles as it's high in collagen content!

In our goodie bag that night, we brought back two bottles of the Beauty Drink, and I must say, it tastes really good :D

Each bottle of the Kinohimitsu J'Pan Beauty Drink contains 2,500mg of high concentrated fish collagen to restore youthful vitality in your skin. Why fish collagen? Because after countless research done, it shows that the structure of fish collagen is nearly matched to human collagen, and thus is suitable for use by humans. This combination helps to boost up the amount of collagen in our body :)

So does my skin look more youthful after drinking the collagen drink? :p

 Time to yam seng!

That night, we were also graced by the attendance of two super hot celebrities! Our hot male celebrity has been an ardent Kinohimitsu user for the past year, and he claims that Kihnohimitsu has managed to help him get and maintain that six-pack abs of his, while our gorgeous Miss Tourism claims that Kinohimitsu has enhanced her chest and firmed her buttocks :D This is definitely a must-have drink for me :D

The star product of the night? It has got to be the J'Pan Bio Booster, it is the first and only symbiotic-organic to boost the body’s absorption power by more than 2 times. How does it do this? It actually enables the host to obtain the optimal absorption of nutrients from the food and health and beauty supplements and gain the maximum benefits from them.

I tried it that night, and I loved how it tasted! It comes in powder form, and you can either take it just as it is, in powder form, or mixed with water. It has a delicious lychee taste, and just one packet a day will ensure you have a healthier body in just one month!

Being at the party with awesome friends, I could not pass up any opportunity to camwhore with them to mark this moment down in my own personal course of history. Here's one of me with le fellow awesome blogger, Charmaine.

Group shot trying to get everyone into the pic :D

Self shot by the water pool, I super love their decorations!!!

Selfie with Syafiqah :D

 As we were all at a spa, it is requisite to have Zen moments......

....and vain moments :p

Innanie and Sabby

Oh and do you know what we love best? Camwhoring!!! Special thanks to for the awesome pictures and for catering to all our whims that night, even printing many pics for all of us, and for letting us take late into the night :D Some pics that I could find of us that night below:

  The must-have solo shot of me, holding up an Oscar and *perasan* as a celebrity blogger :p

 With my beautiful babes Furfer and Ben Dan :) Heart you gals!!!!!

  Posing with Charmaine and Kah Mon, you can see I have Boing boing skin!

 Consummate group picture of all the crazy Beauty Bloggers around :p

  Because just one pic is not good enough, we need to have two! :D hohoho

 Special thanks to the dedicated staff at!

I certainly had a lot of fun at the Kinohimitsu Hawaiian Luau Party, and I would like to say thank you once again to the beautiful people who made it all happen at Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project. Your tireless efforts have not gone unnoticed, and I am glad that you have decided to invite me to this super awesomesauce party!!!

For more information on the super brand new J'Pan Bio Booster, please head over to their FB Page!

Til the next time, stay beautiful!



Merryn Tan said...

so nice...looks like u r really in hawaii!

michellesnoopy said...

sexy ladies again! XD

illy ariffin said...

missing the party already :) had so much fun that night!

sherrygo said...

nice pics, heh e.. I Have fun too. love your many pics here :D