Saturday, December 14, 2013

Santa Hermo Grant my Wish!

The entire month of December is the month of giving, and I have found out that Santa Hermo will be granting wishes to some selected lovely girls thanks to The Butterfly Project!!!

Everybody loves to make lists, and a wishlist is no exception. Therefore, with Santa Hermo granting wishes around the corner, I decided to head on over to to see what's available that I would want in my wishlist.

I started off with more than 10 items on my wishlist, but setting a budget of RM80 (and a little bit more), I have narrowed down my list to these two items. 

Want to know what I wished for?
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX 20ml

First up, I wish for the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX 20ml, which costs RM17.80 after discount (original price = RM27). This product brings crystal-clear and even skin tone by removing harmful oxygen and by purifying skin and removes dead cells for vigorous water supply and sleek skin texture.

This product is one of the featured products under stocking stuffers, and I feel that it is a very appropriate gift to purchase for a loved one who loves sleeping masks (like me!) I have always wanted to try this particular brand of sleeping masks, but was a little hesitant as I read that it doesn't really retain as much moisture as it claims. So I have this 20ml pack in my wishlist so that I can try it out and see if it's really good for my skin or not. If it is, I would definitely get the full sized product from as it's so much cheaper than in the retail outlets :)

Read more about the product here:

SHILLS (HOT) Miracle Lift Body Contour Control 250ml

Second in my wishlist is the SHILLS (HOT) Miracle Lift Body Contour Control 250ml. This product retails as RM89, but is only RM69 after discount at! It is enriched with micro-red crystallized molecule. Its high penetration level helps absorb excessive fat accumulation in area of concern.

As I have cellulite and no waistline at all, I feel that this product would be one worth to try out. I have a small sample size, but I used it so frequently that it ran out before I could see any real visible results. Therefore, having this as one of the products in my wishlist, if I do get it, I will be able to try it out for a longer period and get the body that I want! :D

More info about the product can be found here:

 Hence, dear Santa Hermo, I hope that you would grant my wish and send me these two items, and I would be one of the happiest butterflies in KL at this moment!

What items do you have on your wishlist? Any of them similar to mine? tell me what your wishlist is in the comments section below! :)

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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Carinn said...

Whee the Laneige sleeping pack is really good! :D

Btw, followed you! do check out my blog if you like thanks! :)