Friday, December 13, 2013

Shop for Charity at Natta Cosme

Hey lovelies, how has December been treating you thus far? Hope it has been treating you well :)

As you know, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines was an exceptionally powerful typhoon which began in early November 2013, and as at todate, has killed 6,000 people and counting :(

As citizens of the world, I'm sure we all feel for these people, and though at times we might feel that we are not able to do anything (being so far away), I can assure you, where there's a will, there is a way. While we might not be able to go on ground and provide relief support for the victims, I believe that we can do what we can to help alleviate their burden.

Personally for me, I have donated my clothes and other household materials that are still in good condition to the relief centres who are collecting these to be sent over to the victims in the Philippines.

A lot of other organisations are also doing their part to raise funds for these people, and one of them is Natta Cosme. That is why they have come up with a charity drive where every product under their charity list is sold, they will donate the proceeds to a Typhoon Haiyan relief fund.

Taken from the Natta Cosme site:

"Here in Natta Cosme, you are rewarded with skin care products when you make a donation to the pitiful victims in Philippines. In response to the natural disaster in Philippines, Natta Cosme is now organizing the “Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund” event to collect funds for the typhoon victims.

However, the fund collecting process is going to be a little bit unique. Specifically,we have a “charity” category on our official website. The sale price of any products with title “charity” or the sale price of any products purchased under the “charity” category will be donated to the typhoon victims in Philippines.

For instance, A product that costs RM 125 is one of the products in the “charity” category. Hence, when you purchase an A product on our official website, you pay for RM 125 and get one Egyptian Magic Cream. However, the *full value, RM 125, will be donated to the typhoon victims. In other words, when you purchase products under the “charity” category, you are making a donation to the typhoon victims; and that means you are getting the skin care products under the “charity” category for free through your kind donations!"

You can do the same too! Just browse the products being sold for charity, and make your purchases! 100% of the money from these products will be donated to the relief fund :)

Browse more products being sold for charity here:

So will you help these people?

We might not be able to do great things, but we can do small things with great love ~Mother Teresa.

Til the next time, stay beautiful!


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